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, 2019
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Ashland's Best Police Chiefs attacked since 70's - 45 Year History of externally driven, inside aggression. - Ashland CAC (site down, in process of recovering)
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National Emergency
President Trump Declares National Emergency. Blocks Property of those involved with Serious Human Rights Abuses
President Trump Declared a National Emergency on Thursday. Issued an Executive Order Blocking all Property of Persons involved in Serious Human Rights Abuses - Full Executive Order

DCF Victims
Child Rape "Not a Big Deal" to Mass DCF and Prosecutors
Audit of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families says agency failed to report 118 incidents of sexual abuse of a child (that they know of). Agency did not consider sexual abuse as something that rose to the level of "critical incident" - MassLive Article
Google Reviews of Massachusetts DCF

Lt Richard Briggs
Intimidation Complaint Against APD LT Briggs
States that Briggs violated court house rules by possessing a cell phone, which he used to take pictures of Attorney Hennessey, his client and his client's mother. At the same time Briggs was seen texting and laughing. His actions and demeanor were seen as intentional acts of intimidation. Article

Lorek and Shaw
FBI Agents who Investigated Boston Marathon Bombing, killed one month later
Christopher W. Lorek and Stephen P. Shaw, the two FBI agents involved in the apprehension of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two Boston Marathon suspects, were killed mysteriously in a training accident only one month after the terrorist attack. FBI reports are highly redacted...

Massachusetts State Police Logo
Mass State Police Recorded Disrespecting FBI with Profanity
Recorded Phone Call with Massachusetts State Police Regarding the Ashland Police Killing of Andrew Stigliano. Trooper Doesn't Hang up Phone Properly. Exposed as phonies. Did not investigate the killing, but helped cover it up. No intention of honoring FBI request for report.

fake news or not
Pizzagate/Pedogate: Fake News or Not?
Are some Hollywood and Political elites engaged in a global child trafficing pedophile ring? Look at the facts and judge for yourself. Click for all References. *Smoking Gun, about half way down page

Two new Harassment and Intimidation complaints filed against LT Briggs and the Ashland Police Department
First complaint filed against LT Briggs for Court Room Intimidation. Second complaint filed against APD for a questionable traffic stop of Attorney Joe Hennessey's daughters.- Complaint Documents PDF
Ashland News
Josh Eaton
Oct 4, 2015

Attorney Joseph Hennessey has filed two separate complaints against Lieutenant Briggs and the Ashland Police Department. The first complaint is in regard to Lt Briggs' unlawful use of a cell phone in court, to allegedly take pictures of Attorney Hennessey and his client. The second, is in regard to a questionable traffic stop, in which Hennessey's daughters were subjected to heavy questioning and what amounts to a roadside vehicle inspection. The official reason for the stop was a defective tail light. However according to Hennessey and a local service station, there was nothing wrong with the lights.

In the complaint regarding court room intimidation, Lt Briggs is alleged to have closely followed Hennessey, his client, and his client's mother into the court room. Once inside, Lt Briggs appeared to be taking pictures of Hennessey, his client, and his client's mother, with a personal cell phone. He was also reported to be texting and laughing while he was taking the pictures. Hennessey contends that Briggs' actions and demeanor were an intentional act of intimidation...

Full Article - Comment Board

Current Selectmen Give
Green Light to Cops for
Future Wrong doing

Ashland News
Josh Eaton
May 18, 2015

The Current Board of Selectmen and many Candidates for the Board, have all been quoted as of late, making statements that indirectly condone past wrong doing by certain police officers, unofficially known as 'the wolf pack'. Statements made, such as "We are not going to rehash old department issues", and "We are going to move forward, and not dwell on past issues", are in reality saying, "We are not going to hold officers accountable for past crimes and wrong doing." It's not only PAST crimes and wrong doing these officer will not be held accountable for.

Police Chief Davis, Town Manager (Air Force General ret) Tony Schiavi, and the Board of Selectmen are currently not holding Officers and other town official(s) accountable, by way of investigation, for CURRENT accusations. (information which AN is withholding to protect the privacy of innocent family members). The MWDN, in contrast, has destroyed the reputations of men based solely on accusation, whether true or not, and thought nothing of dragging family members into the public eye. These things have most often been done without even doing their due-diligence of investigative reporting. This yellow-journalism style of reporting was most often done by Laura Krantz, reporting anything, fact or fiction, that would best promote an agenda.

Full Article - Comment Board

FBI Agents who Investigated Boston Marathon Bombing Killed Two Years Ago Today
Ashland News
Josh Eaton
May 17, 2015

Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw Today marks the two year anniversary of the deaths of FBI Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw. The two men were involved in the arrest of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect. They were killed one month later in a freak training accident. Their deaths-while-on-duty was not prominently featured in television or newspaper media.

Obviously, the coincidences regarding both deaths only one month after the Boston Marathon Bombing,raise questions. What exactly caused them both to fall from a helicopter into the ocean? Official Reports regarding their deaths, are highly redacted, and do not show what investigators found to be the actual cause of the helicopter issues blamed for their uncontrolled decent. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trama...

Full Article - Comment Board
Recorded Phone Call with Mass State Police Regarding the Ashland Police Killing of Andrew Stigliano.
Trooper Doesn't Hang up Phone Properly. Recorded Profanity in Disrespecting the FBI, and more.

AN Page and Comments

Ed Pomponio files suit against
Town and 15 Individuals

Documents show culture of wrongful behavior,
harassment and intimidation at Police Union Core.

Alberini, Piers at VFW when Odell Attacked
Ashland News
Josh Eaton
August 31, 2014

Chris Alberini (seen below wearing an Ashland High School cheerleader's skirt) is most likely the Ashland cop who repeatedly punched a much smaller man, Richard Odell, in the head approximately 10 times while he was on the ground defenseless during an unprovoked attack. This is according to an individual who reported to Ashland News, only on the strict promise that his or her identity be kept anonymous. Officer Kevin Piers was also present during the attack. Both officers, along with officer Michael Dionne and several others were drinking heavily at the bar before the incident, which took place in the parking lot, Christmas eve night of 2012...

Full Article - Comment Board
TX Rep: Obama Administration in league with Muslim Brotherhood. Has "jumpstarted" new Ottoman Empire.

Youtube channel index of videos

Our thoughts and prayers are for Andrew Stigliano, and all those who love him. He was killed by Richard Briggs and Chris Alberini of the Ashland Police Department one year ago today (July 2). May truth and justice prevail for Andrew.

Main Comment Board
To the reader: Ashland News has been severely impeded from investigating and reporting the local news. Last October, Josh Eaton, founder and reporter for the modern Ashland News, was assaulted by Lt Briggs and the Ashland Police, then falsely charged with assault. The video camera evidence, by which Eaton was using in an attempt to question Lt Briggs, was unlawfully taken by the Ashland Police, then impounded by Middlesex county District Attorney's office. This has prevented you, the readers, from seeing exactly what transpired via video/audio recording. This is an unprecedented violation of our First Amendment Rights.

We will continue, to the best of our ability, to report the local news, including crimes and wrong-doing committed by police officers and Middlesex DA's personnel. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Report@AshlandNews.org - (508)405-9722

DOCUMENT OBTAINED: Internal Investigation of Odell Attack

Ashland News
Josh Eaton
March 10, 2014

Despite unlawful non-compliance by Town Manager Tony Schiavi, Ashland News Obtained the grossly redacted internal affairs report of the beating of Richard Odell by off duty Ashland Police officers, at the VFW bar, on Christmas night of 2012. Proof Lt Briggs facilitated a cover up, and conducted a phoney investigation. Chief Doherty, TM Schiavi, and now Chief Davis all turn blind eye, effectively covering for Briggs' actions, after Briggs colluded with off duty officers to cover for their crime.

* INSUBORDINATION: In defiance of Chief Rohmer's orders, off duty police at the Ashland VFW on the night of December 26 2012, never submitted police reports. Rohmer was subsequently 'run-out' of the department by an ill-informed and/or complicit Town Manager Schiavi. Off duty officers' reports, to this day, have not been submitted.

* OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Lt Briggs lied, and implicated Chief Doherty in those lies, by claiming himself, Lieutenant Beaudoin, and Chief Doherty all do not have access to, and could not access audio recorders locked in, the Detectives office during a six month long investigation. This was done so Briggs could conduct 'sham' interviews with the off duty officers who were at the VFW on 12-26-12, making sure all interviewees would provide the same falsified accounts...

MUCH MORE: Documents - Full Article - Comment Board
Marian High School Mainstagers Advance to Mass High School Drama Festival Semi-Finals

Marian High School
Press Release
March 9, 2014

On Saturday, March 1st, Marian High School's Drama Club (aka Marian Mainstagers) competed in the Annual Massachusetts High School Drama Festival Preliminary Competition with their rendition of Anatomy of Gray by Jim Leonard under the direction of Stephen Flynn, Marian's Director of Fine Arts. The performance was held at Attleboro High School in Attleboro, MA.

Set in the American heartland in the 1880's, Anatomy of Gray centers on a young doctor named Galen P. Gray (portrayed by Michael Costa '14 of Milford) who is in the midst of experiencing a crisis of faith...
Full Press Release

Latest: IRS Targeting of
Conservative Americans
Lois Lerner questioned by Congressional Committee

IRS Targeting - Congressional Hearing 2/26/14

Main Comment Board
Metrowest Daily News Silent
In reporting of the IRS's targeting of Conservative/Republican political groups, with one exception: An op-ed piece supporting their malicious actions, writen by Gerald Heng, an Asian American of far-left political views. The article, titled "Heng: IRS right to target tax evaders", seems to have been lost in the MWDN website's transition. Other, previously dated articles writen by Heng are still online though, which would seem to indicate the article was intentionally lost. In the article, Mr. Heng demonstrates a fundamental lack of knowledge of the facts regarding the IRS's targeting of Tea Party, and other conservative groups. That is, of course, assuming it was not a disinformation piece. Let this writer express an opinion of his own: Someone should inform Mr. Heng, that these type of Communist political targeting tactics may be common place in his native country of origin, but they don't fly here in the United States. Perhaps Mr. Heng would be happier if he moved back to that nation, and perhaps the Metrowest Daily News wouldn't have to file for bankrupsy again, stiffing their creditors, if they would actually report the news, instead of pushing an un-American agenda.

Main Comment Board

UPDATED - DA Prosecuting Pomponio while Ignoring Serious Police Crimes
Ashland News
Josh Eaton
February 23, 2014

Sergeant Edward Pomponio was arraigned this week in Middlesex Superior court. The Middlesex County District Attorney’s office is charging him with intentionally destroying drug evidence, and intimidating the officer who reported him. The drug evidence consisted of four Vicodin pills and two Tramadol pills. The suspect was a 24 year old female, and the arresting officer was John Driscoll.

A few larger questions exist that have not been answered. Why was this young woman being charged with intent to distribute narcotics, when she had only 6 pills in her possession? In addition, she was charged with a school zone violation, which carries a mandatory sentence of two years in prison. Why is the District Attorney’s office now choosing to prosecute Pomponio regarding this 2011 incident, and why does the DA continue to ignore much more serious criminal police misconduct such as...

Full Article - Comment Board

Ashland's Adam Sachs Named Five Star Wealth Manager

February 21, 2014
Centinel Financial Group

Long-time Ashland resident, Adam M. Sachs of Centinel Financial Group LLC, was named a 2014 Five Star Wealth Manager from an independent survey conducted by Five Star Professional. Adam is a five-year consecutive winner of the award, and his selection was announced in the February 2014 Issue of Boston magazine. Five Star Professional identifies wealth manager...
Full Press Release

IRS not the only Agency being used to Target Conservatives
Ashland resident to star in "OUR TOWN"

February 18, 2014

MoonStruck Theater Company, in association with Amazing Things Art Center of Framingham, is pleased to present the classic American play 'Our Town', by Thornton Wilder. Ashland resident Dwight Patten will star as Dr. Gibbs, the town doctor and George's stern but loving father...
Full Press Release

UPDATE: Spilka does not support Coakley for Governor
She's endorsing
Steve Grossman
Does Sannicandro really support Coakley?
Coakley's Shocking record of lax and non-prosecution of pedophiles leaves
many Ashland Residents wondering why.
Josh Eaton
February 8, 2014

Recently, Tom Sanicandro has gone on record as endorsing, and even campaigning to have Attorney General Martha Coakley elected the next Governor of Massachusetts. However, given Coakley's horrendous record of prosecution (or non-prosecution) of rapists of children, many Ashland residents are left wondering what exactly these prominent democrats really stand for. Here is one of many examples of Coakley's malfeasance, titled - "Coakley and the Curling-Iron Rapist, Part II: Why Did it Take So Long to Press Charges?"), which by the way, she never did. It was only after Gerry Leone took over as Middlesex county DA, that this man was finally prosecuted. Coakley refused to prosecute, despite the herculean efforts of attorney Larry Frizoli (deceased). "It makes me sick", said one Ashland resident...

Full Article - Comment Board
Staples Awards $7,500 to
Ashland Education Foundation
Thanks to the advocacy of Ashland resident Jennifer Cooney, and the philanthropy of the Staples corporation, Staples Foundation has awarded $7,500 to Ashland Education Foundation Inc. This was accomplished under a program that lets Staples associates direct donations...

Full Article - Comment Board

Beware of this Ashland Police Officer

Josh Eaton
January 28, 2014

alberiniAshland Police Officer Chris Alberini is back on duty. Alberini, who is on record as having killed Andrew Stigliano, is shown here wearing an Ashland High School cheerleader's outfit. It is not known how Alberini obtained the outfit. The outfit is the property of the Ashland High school, or a young female High School student.

Many inconsistencies exist regarding the killing on July second. Not the least of which is the official statement that only two shots were fired. Ashland News questioned over a dozen witnesses who consistently reported hearing four shots, not two. This was also reported by the Metrowest daily news. Middlesex County District Attorney Marion Ryan refuses to release the official report of the investigation into the shooting.

Over half a dozen Citizens have reported to Ashland News, strange and threatening behavior by Alberini. These people all insisted, and made this writer promise, not reveal their names. This is out of fear for their safety. Several of them are women who report being stalked by Alberini...

Full Article - Comment Board

Update: Partial one-sided "Pomeroy Report" Released 4 months late with no explaination for the delay. Schiavi directs Pomeroy to only investigate trivial issues which in effect only embarrass Chief Rohmer. Serious issues involving current officers, such as fraud, perjury, records tampering, beatings, illegal raid/killing, police drug abuse, stalking, harrassment, intimidation, exc, exc, exc, purposefully not included and/or investigated. No new information contained in "reports". Town money wasted on Jerry-Springer "issues". Schiavi uses his position as a weapon. Tedious to read. Schiavi orders over 130 false accusations against Rohmer in whistle-blower complaint to be ignored in the midst of 3 trivial accusations against Rohmer to be investigated.

The Integrity Issue: False Accusations, perjury, cover ups. Where's the Pomeroy Report?

Town Manager, General Tony Schiavi has not followed through on his promise to release the findings of an Investigation into the False accusations lodged against former Chief Scott Rohmer. One can only assume Schiavi's intention was to justify a position, and not conduct an impartial investigation. Since the Pomeroy reports have not been released, it is logical to assume the investigations contain evidence beneficial to Scott Rohmer, and incriminating to Briggs, Fawkes, Dionne, and other wolf-packers. As with all other information proving criminality within the department, it is being contained. Attorney Doocey's report proves officers committed perjury, and filed a false whistle-blower complaint against Chief Rohmer, to halt his investigations into their own inappropriate and illegal actions. Requests for the Pomeroy reports and other public information have been denied or ignored by the town manager's office.
RED SOX WIN World Series

Eaton (me)/Ashland News Physically Attacked by Briggs/APD, then falsely charged by APD at Oath Ceremony

Camcorder/evidence illegally taken (stolen). Briggs, wolf pack break oath within one hour of taking it. Schiavi and Davis both present. First Amendment Disgraced

Josh Eaton
Ashland News
October 22, 2013

Ashland High SchoolAshland Police Lieutenant Richard Briggs, a member of the ‘Renegade Pigs’ motorcycle gang, lived up to that name again on Sunday. Not one hour after swearing an oath to respect the Constitutional Rights of Citizens, not use deception, and other promises, Briggs and others disgraced that oath by attacking me, then lying to falsely charge me with crimes, while I was exercising my First Amendment Rights to get information for the town. After the ceremony, attendees (consisting almost completely of police officers and their families) filed into the high school cafeteria for a reception. Since it is the function of a reporter to bring transparency to the people, I waited until most of the crowd left, and began video recording. I approached Briggs to ask the questions he has avoided for months. Briggs does not return phone calls. The video is not available, because the Ashland Police in attendance (almost the entire department, including Davis) “confiscated”, or stole the Ashland News camcorder.

I don’t remember exactly what questions I asked at the beginning, however Briggs declined to comment, and he asked that I bring my request through chief Davis. I asked Briggs if that meant he was willing to do an interview. He did not answer, and again attempted to ‘hide’ behind the authority of Davis. As any good man-on-the-street reporter would do, I asked more questions...

Full Article - Comment Board
Wanted: Honest Cops who witnessed Assault at Police Ceremony. Please call or email.

Lies: Ashland News never approached or questioned any women at the police reception. Dionne's wife approached me, swearing, and shoved me. She was certainly not holding a baby. This is a prime example of lies committed on a regular basis by Briggs and others at the APD, directly in front of Davis, Schiavi and the whole department. The APD lied in their police report, and they were passed on by the MWDN. Anthony Schiavi - Town Manager, give me back the camcorder your men stole, and everybody can see the truth.

Also, I was never ordered not to attend town hall meetings. I was 'disruptive', after my camera girl's boyfriend was killed by the police during an illegal raid, and town manager Schiavi was not taking it seriously.

Assumption of Command Ceremony honoring Chief Craig Davis
to be held at the Ashland High School Auditorium on Sunday October 20, at 2:00 PM - Public encouraged to attend
(press release)

Ashland Police Chief Davis Sworn in
Davis sworn in by Town Manager Tony Schiavi on October 7, 2013

Press Release
Ashland Town Manager's Office
October 7, 2013

Schiavi and DavisEarlier this Morning, Ashland's Town Manager Anthony Schiavi oversaw the swearing in by Ashland's Town Clerk Tara Ward, of former Framingham Deputy Chief of Police Craig W. Davis, as Ashland's new Police Chief.

The swearing in of Chief Davis culminates a six month effort that started with the selection of Badgequest as the Town's search consultant. The search resulted in forty one applicants. The process consisted of the completion of assessment center examination and interviews. Chief Davis was nominated and selected to be the new chief.

Town Manager Schiavi met the new Chief at the Ashland Police Station at 7:00 AM this morning. Schiavi welcomed Davis to the department, along with other personnel. "Chief Davis arrived looking sharp and ready to hit the ground running" Schiavi said. Schiavi said he and the Chief will meet later this afternoon to start developing both near and midterm objective. Those objectives include a budget review, personnel hiring, and other issues.

Mr. Schiavi said that a public ceremony is in the planning stages within the next several weeks, and the public will be kept informed, and are encouraged to attend.

Official Press Release - PDF

Over Three Months, still no action by DA on illegal raid/Killing.

Andy and ParentsInformation blackout imposed, and refusal to act is not consistent with free society and rule of law. DA refuses to speak, refuses to be held accountable to the public. No time frame on investigation, and no evidence any investigation is being conducted. DA-imposed blackout seen as cover up.
Police Chief Davis Starts
(Press Release)

No Casino
Hopkinton Calls Mass Gaming Commission on Corruption. - hopkintonma.gov/casino

Asks Governor Patrick to Remove MGC Chairman Stephen Crosby Immediately

Odell attack (audio interview) | Ashland CAC Odell Report
Please Listen to this interview and check the CAC report

Destructive effects of Krantz and Metrowest
Daily News one-sided reporting
Josh Eaton
September 11, 2013

MWDN/Krantz failure to report important news, contributed to leaving dangerous Cops on the street, who would later kill Stigliano. This destructive one-sided reporting also cost Chief Rohmer his job, which further left Citizens at risk. Ashland News was not informed of Odell's beating until after Stigliano had been killed.

Renegade Pigs, Stigliano, Odell

Last minute update: Hours ago, Krantz reported that Odell 'claims to have been punched by off duty Ashland Cops'. Her typically deceptive writing style sounded as if he was only punched once, when in fact he was pounded repeatedly in the head, while on the ground, by big cops, at least one of which was wearing a brass-knuckle-size ring. Odell contacted Krantz to report this eight months ago. She didn't report it. She has been 'carrying the water' for Briggs and crew. She did not however miss an opportunity to bad-mouth Rohmer again, concerning more baseless, trivial and deceptive information

Richard Odell, the man who was beaten senselessly in the VFW parking lot last Christmas night by off duty police, while half a dozen other off-duty police looked on, had called Laura Krantz of the Metrowest Daily News and reported the incident to her, around the time it had happened. As with all other information which reflected negetively on "the wolf pack" (group of problem Ashland Cops), Krantz choose not to report...

Full Article - Comment Board

Former Chief Melnick's Warning of a FALSE FLAG Terrorist
Attack of Foreign Origin should be taken seriously

Josh Eaton
September 4, 2013

Ahmed_Ibrahim_communist_terroristBack in May of 2004, Former police Chief Roy Melnick warned his officers that the town could be targeted by Iraqi terrorists looking to exact revenge for an investigation he worked on while he was in Baghdad. In the memo obtained by the MetroWest Daily News, Melnick directs police officers to be watchful for "male Arabs who suddenly appear in Ashland."

These Al-Quada-in-Iraq affiliates are the same "rebels" and "protesters" who caused the conflict in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria, as justification for Obama to use the U.S. Military to attack other nations. He committed the act of treason, giving military and other aid to the enemy, at the same time he violated Congress's power to declare war, when he ordered the attack of Libya.

Besides being on the lookout for male Arabs who suddenly appear in Ashland, Police and Citizens should also be watchful, and wary, of working with 'Private Military Contractors' Such as "The Craft", who were observed in the area of the finish line of the Boston Marathon....

Full Article - Comment Board

Another APD Cover up: Off Duty Ashland Cop punches
innocent man in the head 10 times
(Updated: 9-3-13)

Officer Michael Dionne, six off duty Ashland cops, and several members of the Dionne family stand by, watch it happen. APD: We can't comment (despite selective information being routinely 'leaked' by/through Lt Briggs.)

Josh Eaton
August 28, 2013

Christopher Alberini, whom Lt Richard Briggs claims disobeyed orders, shot, and, Briggs claims, killed Andrew Stigliano, may also be the off duty officer who repeatedly punched a much smaller, innocent man in the head last Christmas at the Ashland VFW parking lot, on Christmas day night, (1:00 am, 12-26-12). Richard Odell, the victim of the potentially deadly beating, was visiting with Linda Dionne and others at the Dionne family residence. The group grew tired of waiting for Michael Dionne to return home, and went to meet him at the Ashland VFW. The group consisted of Odell, Linda Dionne, David Dionne, Brian Dionne, Megan Flanagan, and Katlyn Flanagan. When they arrived at the VFW, approximately six off-duty Ashland Police were sitting in the bar, drinking heavily, and arguing among themselves...
Full Article - Comment Board

Josh Eaton
August 1, 2013

In a highly inappropriate move, Lt Richard Briggs of the Ashland Police department has just released a statement to Wickedlocal.com/ashland, in which he openly states that two Russian-American men are being charged with multiple serious felony crimes of home invasions, and theft of tens of thousands of dollars worth of property. The article then states they are to be 'summoned' into court. This is posted on the world wide web for all to see, including of course, the criminals who are going to be charged, and any potentially affiliated organized crime network(s). I've confirmed that the men are not in custody, albeit not through the police department, because the media liaison, LT Briggs does not return my phone calls. This is particularly outrageous, considering the lack or accountability and transparency regarding other, more serious issues of late.

By doing this, Briggs has alerted the men, by name, that they are going to be facing charges that carry a penalty of decades in prison. Obviously this gives these criminals the opportunity to flee the state or the country. If they are acting as informants, they should still be in custody. If they are part of an organized crime network, Lt. Briggs has now alerted that syndicate that the two men are informing on them, and an investigation is underway...

Full Article (UPDATE: Briggs repeats) - Comment Board

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- Police Kill Andrew Stigliano during illegal raid. He alleged Police Criminality in interview with Ashland News only three months prior.
- Stigliano search was illegal. Many provable false statements in official story, evidence being withheld by DA
- Crime Scene video / video update - The many inconsistencies in the little official info released


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