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Mass RMV Project Manager Charged with Extortion by FBI

U.S. Attorney's Office
March 11, 2013

BOSTON—A Top Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles official, and at least one service station owner have been charged with scheming to extort other service station owners wanting to obtain a license to conduct motor vehicle safety inspections.

Simon Abou Raad, 50, of Tyngsboro, and Mark C. LaFrance, 51, of Braintree, were arrested today after being charged in U.S. District Court with conspiracy to extort money under color of official right in exchange for an official license to conduct Massachusetts motor vehicle safety inspections...

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China Steals Top Secret NASA Technology - Video

Retaliation for reporting on weak prosecuting and media coverage of rapists of children?

Josh Eaton

When I was doing my Reality Check Radio show on WNRI 1380 AM out of Woonsocket RI, I was one of an extreme minority in the media reporting on the criminal prosecutions (or lack of) of pedophiles by the AG and many DA's in Massachusetts. For example, in Marlboro, ten thousand dollars bail recommended by the prosecutor for a man charged with raping a pre-teenage girl over the course of many years. It was discovered when a friend of the girl came for a 'sleep over' and reported the man's odd behavior. In Cape Cod, a man convicted of 6 counts of rape of a child by force, only receiving 6 years in prison. Or in Hopkinton, where a 14 year old boy had the courage to go to police and ask for help, because a man living in the house had been raping him, and he only wanted it to stop. That man was released on personal recognizance by the Framingham District Court...

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Drugging Kids
Ashland News
Josh Eaton
February 19, 2013

Many many people are prescribed psychoactive drugs for Phycological disorders. But what are the causes and effects of these alleged disorders? Are these diagnoses conducted scientifically, Or is something else taking place?

After researching the subject, I've discovered that almost all doctors' or clinicians' diagnoses of ADHD, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and others, are not based on scientific tests. The diagnoses is not arrived at from any scientific method, but Rather on a criteria of behavioral symptoms. This criteria of behavioral symptoms is solely used to reach the diagnosis. The interesting thing is, drugs used to treat these various disorders, also cause side effects identical to the behavioral symptoms used to diagnose other disorders...

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The Gun Debate
January 6, 2013

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut, a renewed call for an assault weapons ban has been made by some on the left, and in the media. The debate centers around the question: Does more guns equal more violence, or does lawfull gun ownership prevent violence. The National Rifle Association has been animate in their insistance, that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens reduces violent crime. Crime statistics in major cities seem to verify those claims. Cities in the United States with the strictest gun control laws, have been fairly consistent in also having the highest rates of violent crime.

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Make America Great Again - Trump for President 2016

Time for a Reagan Revolution Vote Lamb RSC

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Ashland News staff
February 18, 2013

In a stunning move, last tuesday the International Olympic Committee voted by secret ballot to drop wrestling as an Olympic Sport starting in 2020. This battle is not over however. Wrestlers will have a chance to appeal the decision before a final vote in September.

The entire Wresting community is perplexed by the decision, given the historical role wrestling has always played in the modern olympics, as well as the ancient Greek Olymipic games. 1996 Gold Medal winning wrestler Kurt Angle was outraged upon finding out the IOC's decision, and had this to say. "If they are looking at revenue, then wrestling makes a heck of a lot more than judo or taekwondo or trampolining — that’s a sport for failed gymnasts. And badminton? It’s a recreational sport, how can that supercede wrestling?" Kurt Angle won the Olympic gold medal in 1996 despite wrestling with a broken neck...

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         Terry Hendrix Interview

Says He does not have the Physical or Mental health to do the job

February 12, 2013

The Pope has resigned. Benedict XVI astonished cardinals in the Vatican with the surprise announcement, in Latin, that he does not feel strong enough to continue to head the Roman Catholic Church.He said he would step down on the last day of this month.

Benedict’s papacy has been marked by controversy and scandal – most notably he upset Muslims with a lecture and persistent revelations of child sex abuse by Catholic priests.

The last time a pope quit office was six centuries ago in the middle ages.

Writer John Thavis, who has been covering the goings-on there for 30 years said: “I think it does leave the church with a lot of questions. The church has not really had a situation of two popes in many centuries. Obviously it won’t really be two popes, one will have resigned, but it is going to be hard for people to forget that Pope Benedict is still alive and he is still perhaps writing, still perhaps expressing himself.”

Editor's Note: Perhaps some information in the Leaked Vatican Documents had something to do with it.

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AshlandNews.org has launched
Site will be in the developemental stages for next one to two months.
December 31, 2012

2013 will be the first year of an exciting new community-driven News website, AshlandNews.org. Citizens and friends of Ashland are encouraged to participate, as this website was created for you, and with the intention of giving a voice to those good Citizens who feel under-represented in the existing Media.

Our goal at Ashland News, is to present relevant, factually based news, in a non-biased format, to and for the Citizens and Friends of Ashland. As the website developes, new features will be added.

We are looking forward to building an all-star team, and we'd love to have you on board. So if you would like to participate, please contact us at: (508)405-9389 or by email at: report@ashlandnews.org.

Thank You

Chair Exercises for Seniors

By Harold E. Sconiers
Posted December 30, 2012

It's important to stay active as one get older. Regular exercise slows the loss of bone density and muscle tissue associated with aging. Working out also improves balance and flexibility, reducing the risk of fall or injury. Seniors can stay fit and active through utilizing a set of no impact exercises, requiring nothing more than a chair. These movements are suited for any age, and any level of fitness....

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General Patton
1912 Olympic hero
Posted December 31, 2012
General George Patton at 1912 olympics

As 2012 comes to a close, let's take the oportunity to look back one hundred years ago this summer. It's the 1912 olympic games, and a lone American athlete is sent to compete in the sport of Pentathlon. Pentathlon is a series of 5 events, meant to test the skills of a modern day warrior. The young athlete's name is George Patton. General George S Patton, American Hero of World War two, was also a world class athlete. He competed in the 1912 olympic games.

It was the fifth olympics of the modern era, and West Point Military academy selected Patton to represent the United States. Pentathlon consists of five events: a two and a half mile cross country run, a 1000 meter (.62 mile) swim, horse back riding, fencing, and pistol shooting. As the single competitor from the United states, Patton bested the other 31 athletes, from 9 other countries. During the pistol shooting competition however, Patton did not get credit for a bulls-eye shot. He was so consistently accurate, that the bullet passed perfectly through the hole of a previous shot. It cost him the gold metal. Patton, on behalf of the United States, still beat every other nation, except Sweden, who sponsored 12 pentathlon competitors, which finished 1 through 4.

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