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Ashland, Massachusetts
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Gun related homicides have doubled since passage of Gun Control act in 1998. Critics argue the laws only prevent law-abiding Citizens from owning guns.

While Media focuses on Marathon Tragedy, CISPA quietly passes House, Currently not voted on in Senate

Bill would allow your private information and conversations online to be accessed by both Government and private/foreign entities. Please contact your Senator, and ask them to oppose CISPA
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The other half want Charlie Sheen to return to "two and a half men"
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Make America Great Again - Trump for President 2016

Time for a Reagan Revolution Vote Lamb RSC

Ashland Selectmen Election Debate - May 7, 2013

Magnani, alt energy - Magnani ties alternative energy into town income - Ashland Selectmen Debate forum
Right of Dept heads to fire/hire - Rights of Department heads to fire and hire - Ashland Selectmen Debate forum
Juitt criticized - Ashland Selectman Candidate Juitt criticised - Ashland selectmen Debate forum
Water Dept issues - Water issue, high taxes due to expensive athletic field - Ashland Selectmen Debate forum
Role of town manager - Role of Town Manager - Ashland Selectmen Debate forum

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Boston Marathon Bombs - False Flag terror attack - The possibility exists

Conspiracy Theorists predict this will be exploited to begin imprisoning Individuals without trial under NDAA 1836
Josh Eaton
April 18, 2013

I wanted to wait a few days before writing about what happened at the Boston Marathon (I don't even want to write about it at all actually). The emotional state of mind of Citizens, and the hardships being endured by those strongly effected, require that time and respect be given. Unfortunately, the large media conglomerates have not allowed time for the public to come to their senses about what happened. Instead, they are filling their headlines and programming with a huge amount of talk about very little information. I don't wish to talk about this subject, but if it is a false flag operation (if it's not, the media will still use it in that way.), ignoring the truth will only invite future attacks. By public knowledge of false flag operations, the enemy will not receive the desired emotional reaction from the public, which is what a false flag terrorist operation is designed to do. What is a 'False Flag' terror attack? A false flag terror attack is a violent attack against civilians designed to create social backlash against another group. In other words, a third party will impersonate the first party and attack the second party. The second party will then become motivated to take action against the first party, while the third party remains blameless...
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The Agents were involved in the arrest of the second bombing suspect in Watertown

4/20/13 - RINO Repubicans McCain and Graham call for Bombing suspect to be convicted without trial. Want Obama to declare him an enemy combatant.

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4/18/13 - Secret Service and FBI come to my house

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4/18/13 - Private military contractor 'The Craft' had 'security' personnel in the area of the bombs, all carrying black backpacks.

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4/10/13 - Gatehouse Media Starts one-sided Campaign against Framingham Police Department. Features negative news on front page, buries good police work regarding sexual assault on page 6.

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4/10/13 - Gatehouse Media Censors discussion about Ashland Police Chief. Romoves all comment boards on the Subject

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School Social Worker, Media, Twists Facts in Framingham

Framingham Police, School, and Leone did everything possible regarding Sexual assault incident
Josh Eaton
April 9, 2013

FHSRecently I was contacted via email by an anonymous person claiming to be a Framingham High School senior girl. She said that another girl had been sexually assaulted in a hallway at the Framingham High School. I then contacted School Superintendent Dr. Stacy Scott's office. His secretary gave me his cell phone number right away. I called him and he answered. I asked him about the incident, and why proper legal action had not been taken, as it was described to me in the email. He seemed surprised at my questions, and claimed this was the first he had heard about it. In my opinion, he sounded sincere. He is also fairly new to the position. This was only about two days before the morning that approximately 25 students, led by a recently resigned School Social worker by the name of Kevin Fox, staged a public protest at the school, by the street. In my opinion, Fox never contacted the School Superintendent. I called The Framingham Police station, and left a message for Chief Carl. The Chief called me back within an hour or two, and like Dr. Scott, Fox had not spoken to Chief Carl...
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Ashland Reality Check:

Despite Massive Media Manipulation, Ashland still overwhelmingly supports Scott Rohmer
Josh Eaton
April 3, 2013

The People of Ashland have seen first hand, the deception, misdirection, and fact-blocking tactics used by the 'Main Stream' media. Gatehouse media and their affiliate television station, WCVB (abc), and now even FOX news, have intentionally done everything possible to ruin the image and reputation of perhaps the most popular and beloved Citizen in Ashland, life-long resident Scott Rohmer. At the same time, this same media has done everything possible to protect the image of arguably the most hated Citizen in Ashland, former Police Sergent and Union President Greg Fawkes. (I do not make that statement lightly. Many many people I have spoken with, have described unpleasant 'bullying' encounters with Fawkes and this small group of misguilded cops) This media has covered up the alleged crimes of Fawkes. (The second, more serious incident of the alleged threats made against Featherston's family, at his home.)

WCVB This media is also covering up the town cover-up. Former town manager and Police commisioner John Petrin apparently blocked charges from being filed against Fawkes for the threats. Petrin then proceeded to conspire with Fawkes and Union Vice President Michael Dione, to draft a report alleging wrong doing by Chief Rohmer. The allegations in the report were later determined to be unfounded and baseless. This follows a similar pattern of reports, accusing Fawkes of routinely making false and frivolous criminal charges and allegations against Citizens. This is all in addition to the threats Fawkes is alleged to have made against a different resident, as reported in this same media. This media has been seeking to misinform the public into thinking...
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UPDATE: - 7/2/13 Andrew killed by same cops he accused of crimes. APD, DA Lie about facts, unlawfully withhold public information.

Ashland Couple Targeted and Attacked by Rogue, Union-loyal Cops, DA
Andrew and Amanda - Andrew killed by same Ashland Police he accused of crimes
Josh Eaton
March 22, 2013
Andrew and Amanda courageously speak out, and tell the public about criminal victimization they have suffered at the hands of strongly pro-union rogue Ashland Police Officers, Middlesex County DA and Framingham District Court. They have both been beaten, robbed, harassed, falsely accused and charged, intimidated and much more, and it has happened repeatedly. Their 4 year old Son has been taken by the state, nearly 3 years ago (not in custody of state). They have also been maliciously prosecuted, and denied their God-given Constitutional rights by the Framingham District Court.
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Jon Featherston: "I'm afraid for my family's safety."

Josh Eaton
March 22, 2013

After aggressive questioning, Jon Featherston admitted yesterday, that he was afraid for his family's safety. "I'm not afraid for myself, I'm afraid for my son and my family." said Fetherston. He was speaking in regard to an incident in which now former Ashland Police officer, and Police Union President, Greg Fawkes allegedly came to Featherstons home and threatened to kill his young son, who happens to be autistic. I don't know in what context the threats were made.

A day earlier, I had asked Featherston why criminal charges were never filed against Fawkes for the alleged threats he had made. His response was basically inconclusive. Frustrated at the general lack of transparency throughout this whole town ordeal, I again confronted Mr. Featherston, and I again asked him why criminal charges were never filed against Fawkes for the threats.

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- Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney lies in court, attacks Ashland News.
- Pope Quits; Wrestling Dropped from 2020 Olympics; Gen. Patton, 1912 Olympic Hero.
- More "MASS" corruption - Top RMV official charged with extortion
- Ashland News is launched

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