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New Police Chief wants New Police Station
New Station would be Built on Unstable Foundation - May 24, 2013

Casino Free Milford

Michael Sullivan calls Gabriel Gomez an Obama Republican, then endorses him



Make America Great Again - Trump for President 2016

Time for a Reagan Revolution Vote Lamb RSC

McGinn, Silverman, and Newman reports Released.

Official Documents / Reports


as of 6/26/13

  • Officer Luann Tomasso never filed a sexual harrassment charge. Pomponio filed the sexual harassment charge on her behalf.
  • Union officers submitted a written complaint against Chief Scott Rohmer that turned out to be almost entirely baseless and false...
  • Sergeant Wildman did put Citizen Bill Cavanaugh's son's life in danger...
  • More - Full Report

  • "Colonel Doocey" was never a Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, and never worked in the State Police department...
  • Police Chief Scott Rohmer never made any officers, female or male, do push ups.
  • More - Full Report

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BREAKING: Town Manager Schiavi hires special investigator Bob Pomeroy

BREAKING: Alena Downey withdraws MCAD Complaint


Rumors, lies, implications, exagerations and false accusations - What is the truth in all this, and what kind of people are working at the Police Department?

Josh Eaton
June 9, 2013

False accusations alone can cause damage to a person's reputation. Perhaps that's why the town hasn't released the McGinn, Newman, and silverman reports. However, being that most of the main individuals involved in the controversy are suing "The Town", it is "The Town's" right to know the details of the accusations being lodged against it. Just as any individual has the right to face his or her accuser, and know all the details of the accusations being lodged against him, the town, as a community and an entity, has the right to the same information.

Five current, former, and on-paid-leave officers are suing Pomponio, Rohmer, and The Town. They are all represented by the same Attorney, Tim Burke, out of Needham. This type of collaboration raises serious ethical questions. On the other side, Pomponio is suing eight or nine individuals, including most of the five officers mentioned above, and of course, again, "The Town".

So overall, it is group A vs. Pomponio, and everybody is against the Town. On the 'union' side, some of the alleged injuries include crippling 'emotional stress', harsh glares, and being forced to attend Pomponio's Christmas Party. On the Pomponio side, some of the alleged injuries include...

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Board of Selectmen: Say no to Drugs?

Entire Board of Selectmen refuse to take public stance on whether or not the Police Chief should have the authority to administer drug tests to officers. The current Union Contract prevents officers from being drug tested. Moments later, the BoS praise children for their anti-drug efforts, and offer their support.

Board of Selectmen Refuse to Endorse Drug Testing of Police Officers
Safety Issue: 6-5-13 BoS Meeting - Board Refuses suggest any action contrary to Union Demands
BoS refuse to endorse drug testing of police
Kids Make Anti-Drug Presentation to Board of Selectmen
6-5-13 BoS meeting - Board of Selectmen Praise efforts of Ashland Substance Abuse Prevention Kids
Drug prevention Kids praised by same board

Read the Reports
Decide for yourself who has serious grievances, and who is trying to manipulate the system

Ashland News slandered again - Gatehouse Media blocks Ashland News comments, simultaneously as anonymous bloggers attack with lies. Action seen as retaliation for coverage of town/union issues. Any Questions, Please ask me. josh@ashlandnews.org or 508-405-9722 - Thanks. Update: gatehouse removes comments

NEWS FLASH: Sgt Driscol: "I was forced to attend Pomponio's Christmas Party" - Driscol's complaint PDF

Joe Magnani and Mark Juitt win the 2 seats
on the Board of Selectmen.
Joe Magnani (1609)
Mark Juitt (1292)
Scott Rohmer (1156)

Moderator: Adam Shuster - W (1511) John Kirwan (345 write-ins).
Official Results
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Featherston Questioned About Fawkes Threats - Why hasn't he taken further action?

Featherston ambush interview

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- Andrew Stigliano Interview: Ashland Couple targeted, beaten, stolen from, and falsely charged by Rogue Ashland Cops
- Despite massive media manipulation, Ashland still overwhelmingly supports Chief Scott Rohmer
- Former Board of Selectmen chairman Featherston: "I'm afraid for my family's safety." (from rogue element of Ashland Police)
- Boston Marathon hit by bombs - The hard facts

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