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  • Mosin Nagant says:

    Good work, Josh!

  • stigmata3369 says:

    Its about time that people , like yourself start to ask our “elected” officials, and people in “authoritative” positions questions regarding their actions. our town is corrupt. government atleast….its a fact, and we all know it. so we as a community need a source of media that can expose people for who they really are. if we all come together, maybe we can set an example for the rest of our country on how to clean corruption out of government. i say ship fawkes to north korea. he would be the perfect cop for kim jung un.

  • Ididitagain says:

    Josh must be a complete idiot, “GREAT WORK?” Are you guys serious? “NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU”? This is a joke right? That kid got what he asked for.. All your doing is stirring the pot!! Give it up Honey.. All the Officers are great guys and should all get awards!! Someone said you live in your Grandmothers house? How old are you? Come on… Love to have coffie with you sometime..

  • Richdontquit says:

    Yeah I am sure that all the officers involved with this case of clear stupidty not to mention the embarrassment that they all caused the town of Ashland and the police and if they were at the Ashland VA, might be VETS or should I say a disgrace to the Other fellow Vets. This is not what I would call Honor or courage and certainlyu not behavior of one that served their country. I give Josh a lot of credit for taking this on but only hope that he does not have to drive around Ashland much as I am sure that his tickets would add up. And to Ididitagain I certainly hope that the kid you are referring to is not the victim in this brutal assault. Because he is my son. I saw first hand the damage caused by these “great guys”. Guess that’s what they mean by strength in numbers. Does it really take that many “great guys” to take down one helpless man. Oh and by the way the cop dressed in the cheerleader outfit should run for the Mass cheerleader contest as he really looks cute in that outfit. Hope his family is proud oh him for his behavior. I know I AM proud of my son for not causing any damage to one of these “great guys”. Or he would have been charged. Good job reporting by the way. Sure hope you
    “great guys” officers are proud of yourselves. And your kids are as proud of you as well. I will remember to stay out of Ashland. Rich’s Dad

  • marshaman says:

    My son, Sam is now with Amanda Clinton and her son, Andrew, and Sam and Amanda are expecting a son soon. Of course, I had read about this story back when it happened, long before I knew Amanda, and it sounded so funky to me. I didn’t doubt for one minute that this officer shot this young man without just cause. Amanda’s story — and she has no reason to lie to me — is quite different than the one the Ashland Police Department maintains. Quite incredibly different. Not small details, but entire scenarios. No surprise. The Ashland Police Department has a reputation for housing some pretty funky stuff including some funky officers. It’s disgusting that this young man died at the hands of this cop, who was perhaps involved in some stuff he shouldn’t have been, and that the town has embraced this. I see Andrew’s parents come to the house to pick up their grandson and my heart breaks. It’s incredible: the injustice!!! It could be anyone’s son, including my own.

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