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Ashland News staff

February 18, 2013

In a stunning move, last Tuesday the International Olympic Committee voted by secret ballot to drop wrestling as an Olympic Sport starting in 2020. This battle is not over however. Wrestlers will have a chance to appeal the decision before a final vote in September.

The entire Wresting community is perplexed by the decision, given the historical role wrestling has always played in the modern Olympics, as well as the ancient Greek Olympic games. 1996 Gold Medal winning wrestler was outraged upon finding out the IOC’s decision, and had this to say. “If they are looking at revenue, then wrestling makes a heck of a lot more than judo or taekwondo or trampolining — that’s a sport for failed gymnasts. And badminton? It’s a recreational sport, how can that supersede wrestling?” Kurt Angle won the Olympic gold medal in 1996 despite wrestling with a broken neck. He went on to say, “Other countries are just as good (at wrestling). Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cuba, Germany … so many great countries and the talent is evenly dispersed. Russia has five million wrestlers. That’s more athletes than the USA sports combined. All they do is wrestle. How upset are they right now?”

If you are a wrestler or a fan, Ashland News will follow up on this issue, and post links to resources where you can help petition the International Olympic Committee to keep Wresting as an Olympic Sport.


  • Admin says:

    Ashland has a proud wrestling tradition, and a lot of upstanding guys still living in town are former AHS wrestlers.

  • The investergater says:

    It’s all over,but for the indicments

  • The investergater says:

    It’s over,but for the enditmente,and there coming soon

  • The investergater says:


  • The investergater says:

    Feathers ton has a nice suprise coming

    • Admin says:

      Thank you Greg Fawkes for the comments. Wrong article though, this one is about wrestling.

      Did you wrestle in High School? I did.

      How many drinks did you have before you staggered to keyboard to write your comments?

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