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Retaliation for reporting on weak prosecuting and media coverage of rapists of children?

Josh Eaton

When I was doing my Reality Check Radio show on WNRI 1380 AM out of Woonsocket RI, I was one of an extreme minority in the media reporting on the criminal prosecutions (or lack of) of pedophiles by the AG and many DA’s in Massachusetts. For example, in Marlboro, ten thousand dollars bail recommended by the prosecutor for a man charged with raping a pre-teenage girl over the course of many years. It was discovered when a friend of the girl came for a ‘sleep over’ and reported the man’s odd behavior. In Cape Cod, a man convicted of 6 counts of rape of a child by force, only receiving 6 years in prison. Or in Hopkinton, where a 14 year old boy had the courage to go to police and ask for help, because a man living in the house had been raping him, and he only wanted it to stop. That man was released on personal recognizance by the Framingham District Court. There are too many instances to list, and it’s really too painful to read for very long.

The same people NOT prosecuting these dangerous child predators, are the same people lying, by saying that I was trafficking drugs. Middlesex county prosecutors have perpetrated many other dirty tricks and illegal/unethical actions against me, including fraud, a charge that I have the original documentation to back up, if some branch of Law enforcement would simply take the 5 minutes necessary to investigate. – Report (Part 6 coming soon)

If you think the information as to the lenient prosecution of rapers of children was painstakingly obtained by me, Josh Eaton, you’re incorrect. It was the Metrowest Daily News, and writers like Norman Miller. I simply read the newspaper, re-reported that news, and gave commentary on it. Mr. Miller did the hard work. Thank you sir. Why was the only person in the media reporting and commentating on this, a guy broadcasting from Rhode Island, with warrants out for his arrest in Massachusetts? A bigger question for another time. Why is this allowed to go on? Same answer.

When I went to court on February 20th, instead of interviewing Jon Featherston (I ask all of the Republicans, as well as Democrats and Independents to give me the benefit of the doubt for now.), ADA Greenfield spoke a ‘mis-statement of fact’ (some people call it lying). I’ve never trafficked any drugs at all, ever. I’ve never had an arrest warrant in the NCIC database, ever (perhaps Massachusetts will attempt to put one on there now). Ms Laura Krantz of the Metrowest Daily News, then further exaggerated the false charge, and added more false information (lies). She called me a conspiracy theorist and an “extremist”. Why, because I point out crimes being committed by the Massachusetts Attorney General? Is it because I point out Crimes committed by Obama and U.S. Attorney general Holder, such as operation fast and furious, or an illegal war in Libya to support Al-Qaeda foreigners that the media is calling Libyan rebels, while violating congresses power to declare war, and declaring the U.N. has authority to authorize the U.S. military be used now? Or is it because I advocate people read the Bill of Rights? Is it possible that I am not an extremist, and that Krantz is an ultra left-wing deceptive media hack with an agenda? She has intentionally mislead her readers on a number of occasions, including tricking the readers into thinking threats made against Republican Selectman John featherston by an Ashland Police officer were merely vague threats by phone, and not the reality, which was threats of death and violence to Featherston and his family, at his own property.

Speaking to Lawyers, it seems Prosecutors have immunity from being sued in Massachusetts. Speaking to Richard Lodge at the Metrowest Daily News, it seems at first impressions that Gatehouse media doesn’t care if somebody in their organization lies to destroy a person’s reputation, and a competing business. Damaging false statements were reported as fact by the MWDN, without a simple check which takes minutes, and hasn’t printed any retractions.

UPDATE: The Metrowest Daily News has printed a retraction correcting their false statements. The headline was not nearly as sensationalized however, and it was only done after the DA’s office asked them to. The DA only finally asked them to print the retraction months later, after my lawyer presured them to do so.


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    Thank you to all those good comments on the MWDN comment board supporting me.

    I’m taking a lot of risk right now. What’s it going to take for other Citizens, especially Police and Others in Positions of power, to take the same risk I am taking?

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