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Ashland Reality Check

Despite Massive Media Manipulation, Ashland still overwhelmingly supports Scott Rohmer
Josh Eaton
April 3, 2013

WCVBThe People of Ashland have seen first hand, the deception, misdirection, and fact-blocking tactics used by the ‘Main Stream’ media. Gatehouse media and their affiliate television station, WCVB (abc), and now even FOX news, have intentionally done everything possible to ruin the image and reputation of perhaps the most popular and beloved Citizen in Ashland, life-long resident Scott Rohmer. At the same time, this same media has done everything possible to protect the image of arguably the most hated Citizen in Ashland, former Police Sergent and Union President Greg Fawkes. (I do not make that statement lightly. Many many people I have spoken with, have described unpleasant ‘bullying’ encounters with Fawkes and this small group of misguilded cops) This media has covered up the alleged crimes of Fawkes. (The second, more serious incident of the alleged threats made against Featherston’s family, at his home.)

This media is also covering up the town cover-up. Former town manager and Police commisioner John Petrin apparently blocked charges from being filed against Fawkes for the threats. Petrin then proceeded to conspire with Fawkes and Union Vice President Michael Dione, to draft a report alleging wrong doing by Chief Rohmer. The allegations in the report were later determined to be unfounded and baseless. This follows a similar pattern of reports, accusing Fawkes of routinely making false and frivolous criminal charges and allegations against Citizens. These are all in addition to the threats Fawkes is alleged to have made against a different resident, as reported in this same media. This media has been seeking to misinform the public into thinking this incident (continued here) was the reason for Fawkes’s delayed termination. This same media has also used the under-reported telephone threats Fawkes is alleged to have made against Featherston, to misinform the public and internet users into thinking these were the only threats made by Fawkes against Featherston/his family.

Scott Rohmer’s dedication to protecting the Citizens of Ashland transcends his role as Police Chief. No doubt, it’s this dedication that is motivating his run for Selectman. It’s also this dedication, in my opinion, that made conflict with the small group of overly Union-loyal cops inevitable. The large media organizations that cover the local area are politically aligned with the Unions, and they have acted as a fully committed propaganda machine, right before our eyes. Other Public servants/Official are pro-active in keeping these things covered up, but most of them are just too timid to speak up or act.

If Police Unions and the Main Stream media are successful in controlling the decision making powers reserved for the Citizens of Ashland, then we have completed a one hundred and eighty degree turnaround from the principles of self-governance our founding fathers fought for, on this very ground in fact, two hundred and thirty eight years ago. We will, in reality, have a one party system, where goons with badges are free and even encouraged, to falsely imprison people, and commit serious violent crimes against not just those who are politically opposed to them, but also those who are just not ‘part of the cliche’. If Fawkes is successful in being reinstated on the Ashland Police Department, which is a real possibility, it will give the green light to others like him. It will tell them that they are free to intimidate political opposition, among other things. God only knows what will happen to regular not-well-known Citizens. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, whether you are pro-Union or not, is that the type environment you want to live in? If it isn’t, then do what you can do to oppose it. One of the things you can do is support good men such as Scott Rohmer.

note: when I began, I intended to report the news objectively. However, the level of deception employed by the existing media has made that task all but impossible. I am being objective, but there is no way I can make it appear that way. I have to over-report this side of the story to make it all balance out. The mountain-out-of-molehill stories the big media is reporting, are trivial, and do not come close to the level of seriousness that these articles do.


  • Liza12 says:

    Why was there not one policeman in attendance to support there chief

    • Admin says:

      Thanks, I’ll check into that…. Pomponio was there. It was the largest citizen turnout ever at a bos meeting

    • Admin says:

      I don’t know. Union pressure maybe. Maybe a few bad decisions. Maybe they don’t want to be attacked by the media and lose their jobs, so they figure they have to distance themselves from him. It’s pretty lame though the way most people are still playing this kind of game. The media isn’t really that strong. Not many people even read the news anymore, and many people have short memory and attention spans these days.

  • Admin says:

    Please share these videos, so we can push them up to 1 and 2 when people search.

  • ASHLANDGAL says:

    no admin the reason why there was not one cop in attendence is because they dont want scott, he did them and that station wrong.

    • Admin says:

      I guess the 200 other people plus the people that left because there was no room, don’t count for as much as a few cops… It’s probably the most attended town meeting in Ashland history

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