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School Social Worker, Media, Twists Facts in Framingham

Framingham Police, School, and Leone did everything legally possible regarding Sexual assault incidents.
Sexually perverse/lenient Left-wing culture is to blame for lack of Justice/Protection.
Josh Eaton
April 9, 2013

FHSRecently I was contacted via email by an anonymous person claiming to be a Framingham High School senior girl. She said that another girl had been sexually assaulted in a hallway at the Framingham High School. I then contacted School Superintendent Dr. Stacy Scott’s office. His secretary gave me his cell phone number right away. I called him and he answered. I asked him about the incident, and why proper legal action had not been taken, as it was described to me in the email. He seemed surprised at my questions, and claimed this was the first he had heard about it. In my opinion, he sounded sincere. He is also fairly new to the position. This was only about two days before the morning that approximately 25 students, led by a recently resigned School Social worker by the name of Kevin Fox, staged a public protest at the school, by the street. In my opinion, Fox never contacted the School Superintendent. I called The Framingham Police station, and left a message for Chief Carl. The Chief called me back within an hour or two, and like Dr. Scott, Fox had not spoken to Chief Carl. (continued from here) Chief Carl said the department follows up on those things very aggressively, and was quite animate about it. I could tell by his tone of voice, and by his words, that he is very sincere about protecting Children in Framingham. The police department also has strict policy regarding school safety.

I then emailed the anonymous girl, and asked her for a phone number to reach the Social Worker, who’s name I didn’t yet know. She (or whoever) never got back to me after that point. Of course I didn’t run a story on it. I didn’t have anything to go on except an anonymous, unverifiable accusation. That would be irresponsible journalism. I actually suspected it could be a ploy to make people look bad, such as the District Attorney, Gerry Leone. Leone was coming to visit the Framingham High School that day to give a speech about domestic violence.

I was surprised (but not surprised) to read in the Metrowest Daily News, that there had been two sexual assaults at the school, and a cover up by the school, police, and the District Attorney’s office, at least according to Social Worker Fox and the Metrowest Daily News. After MWDN ran the story, many other media groups swarmed in. All this based on one main deception by the social worker.

Here’s the real truth: The two incidents of sexual assault were both investigated, and all the proper steps were taken by the school, police, and the DA’s office. The reason prosecutors could not go forward, was because the girls were both not willing to testify in court against to young man, who apparently was responsible for both incidents. Public officials are not legally permitted to divulge the facts of this type of case involving children, and that is why Leone or the Framingham Police or School departments could not answer when asked.

So in effect, this Social worker by the name of Kevin Fox, The Metrowest Daily News, then many other media groups claimed and gave the false impression that the school, police, and DA failed to pursue justice on the girls’ behalf, when in fact the only reason the young man was not prosecuted to the fullest extent, was because both girls were unwilling to testify. When the media asked Gerry Leone why he didn’t prosecute, he was forbidden by law to give the answer. Protecting the privacy of the victim is supposedly the reason for the restriction, even though privacy would not actually have been compromised in this instance.

So again we see how the media has twisted facts, this time in Framingham, and made certain political individuals look bad. Framingham Police Chief Carl and School Superintendent Scott were both very prompt in speaking with me, and I find it hard to believe, as reported in the MWDN, that both offered no comment at all to their interviewer.

It’s possible Leone and the Framingham Police Department may be in the cross-hairs of the local media groups, and targeted for character assassination, like many other people have been around the area. Leone is abruptly leaving office toward the end of the month. He has announced that he is not interested in seeking any further government positions. To my knowledge he hasn’t given a clear reason for the decision. I don’t wish to speculate, but perhaps his personal values conflict with the culture of those who are embedded in Massachusetts prosecutors’ offices.


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    BTW, I understand that people want the school to do more to prevent this from happening. The only way to eliminate any chance of this happening, is to turn the school into a prison, and that doesn’t even guarantee anything. The problem is the culture, which the school or anybody is hard-pressed to combat. The style of rap music promoted by Hollywood and the two major record labels is reprehensible. Among other things, it degrades women to nothing more then ‘bitches and hoes’. At the same time, Disney is training little girls to dress and act like the ‘bitches and hoes’ those rappers speak of. It’s not necessary for school girls to wear spandex pants, show their g-string, have writing on the ass of their pants, and so on. Obviously that doesn’t excuse un-wanted touching. Those things could be handled in more traditional ways if not for backward Massachusetts laws. It creates a highly sexually charged environment, and is degrading toward the virture of these girls.

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