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Gatehouse media (Wicked Local/Metrowest Daily News/exc) Censors all discussion about the topic of Ashland Police Chief. Takes down all related comment boards.
April 10, 2013


  • Admin says:

    Dougherty wrote this article for police chiefs magazine. It’s all about integrating homeland security, and fusion centers, and that stuff that will protect us from Al Qaeda. That’s just great. –

  • Admin says:

    Just pointed out, on the wickedlocal comment section, Gatehouse Media (MWDN) is now cleaning up Dave Boudoin and the APD’s image after destroying it. Pointed out that it’s because Boudoin hired the same crooked conflict-of-interest lawyer, Leonard Kesten, who represents police unions. Then Gatehouse pulled the entire comment section for the article as usual.

  • ASHLANDGAL says:

    this news paper is crooked

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