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Boston Marathon Bombs – False Flag terror attack – The possibility exists

Conspiracy Theorists predict this will be exploited to imprison Individuals without trial under NDAA 1836.
April 18, 2013

I wanted to wait a few days before writing about what happened at the Boston Marathon (I don’t even want to write about it at all actually). The emotional state of mind of Citizens, and the hardships being endured by those strongly effected, require that time and respect be given. Unfortunately, the large media conglomerates have not allowed time for the public to come to their senses about what happened. Instead, they are filling their headlines and programming with a huge amount of talk about very little information. I don’t wish to talk about this subject, but if it is a false flag operation (if it’s not, the media will still use it in that way.), ignoring the truth will only invite future attacks. By public knowledge of false flag operations, the enemy will not receive the desired emotional reaction from the public, which is what a false flag terrorist operation is designed to do.

What is a ‘False Flag’ terror attack? A false flag terror attack is a violent attack against civilians designed to create social backlash against another group. In other words, a third party will impersonate the first party and attack the second party. The second party will then become motivated to take action against the first party, while the third party remains blameless. A false flag terror attack can be used to provide political ammunition. For example, if an enemy of our Nation wishes to disarm U.S. Citizens, that enemy could stage a gun attack against innocent civilians, to be blamed on the Second Amendment.

Look at the facts, don’t ‘react’ emotionally. If what happened at the Boston Marathon is not a false flag attack, what purpose could it possibly serve? The only purposes it could serve, is to justify even further surveillance of our individual lives, further erosion of our Freedom and Liberty, and government persecution of individuals deemed to be extremist by that same government. Not to mention gun confiscation. Ironically enough, the citizen detectives whom the media calls conspiracy theorists, who are trying to find facts about these types of attacks, are also largely being set up to be viewed as extremists, and essentially be blamed for the acts of violence they are trying to help prevent.

The area at the finish line of the Marathon, besides cameras mounted on traffic lights and private business surveillance cameras, was teeming with television and personal video cameras. The fact that the area was heavily searched and secured before the marathon, means that the attacker(s) must have placed the bombs within only a few hour window during the race. The police should have at least one, possibly unidentified, person on camera placing the bombs.

This will likely be blamed on ‘Right Wing Extremists’. In other words, people who work politically to protect our Constitutional Rights. There should be plenty of camera footage of the crime scene. Between closed circuit surveillance, personal camcorders, Television, cell phones and so on, hopefully the attacker(s) will be tracked down. I pray that public pressure to find the person(s) responsible does not result in the prosecution of an innocent person(s). If there is involvement by criminals within government agencies, they will attempt to take over the investigation and contain information.

Some of the people reading this know about false flag operations. Some of the people are scratching there heads and thinking. Some others are rejecting what I’m saying, and becoming angry at me. I hope we can all agree on two things: We should not react emotionally, and we should focus on the facts of what happened to get to the bottom of it.


  • Admin says: – There’s no way anybody could have pulled something like this off without the partial or unknowing cooperation of security. What’s so important that they needed to carry around in those back packs? Was it laundry day?

  • Admin says:

    The secret service and FBI (along with detective Tessier) came to my house this morning. Back in April of 2010, when I was doing my AM radio show, ‘Reality Check’, I pointed out on the air that the Boston Marathon could be the target of a FALSE FLAG terrorist attack. Due to the date (Patriot’s day) and the historic location, it could be used stage an attack to be blamed on ‘Patriots’, or people who work politically to protect the first and second amendments. I also wrote a letter at the time to local law enforcement expressing my concerns. Of course it didn’t happen that year, but since it just happened, the FBI was interested in how I came up with my theory. I explained the concept of ‘false flag’ terror attacks, and the two gentlemen from the FBI seemed genuinely interested. The secret service agent on the other hand was not receptive, and started asking me questions of a more personal nature. He used profanity, which was very unprofessional of somebody representing the security body that protects the president. I’ll probably end up talking to that guy again, so I’ll keep readers posted.

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