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Josh Eaton
August 1, 2013

In a highly inappropriate move, Lt Richard Briggs of the Ashland Police department has just released a statement to, in which he openly states that two Russian-American men are being charged with multiple serious felony crimes of home invasions, and theft of tens of thousands of dollars worth of property. The article then states they are to be ‘summoned’ into court. This is posted on the world wide web for all to see, including of course, the criminals who are going to be charged, and any potentially affiliated organized crime network(s). I’ve confirmed that the men are not in custody, albeit not through the police department, because the media liaison, LT Briggs does not return my phone calls. This is particularly outrageous, considering the lack or accountability and transparency regarding other, more serious issues of late.

By doing this, Briggs has alerted the men, by name, that they are going to be facing charges that carry a penalty of decades in prison. Obviously this gives these criminals the opportunity to flee the state or the country. If they are acting as informants, they should still be in custody. If they are part of an organized crime network, Lt. Briggs has now alerted that syndicate that the two men are informing on them, and an investigation is underway.

This is more confirmation of what myself and others have suspected for some time. Individuals working in the Ashland Police Department coordinate with, and protect certain criminals. In my view, Lt Briggs and others are working with organized crime, and therefore a part of it. The use of criminals, calling them ‘confidential informants’, has not only crossed the line, it has made the line un-distinguishable by many.

Many citizens have had property destroyed, and some claim their homes have been broken into. The victims have always stated, that they believe these crimes were committed either by officers, or criminals acting on their behalf, in retaliation for publicly opposing those officers’ bad actions. (note: some false rumors have been spread, and muddied the water)

Andrew Stigliano also made this claim, and as you know, he was gunned down during an illegal/warrant-less search that grossly violated established procedures. Lt Briggs was the officer in charge of that action. It’s unusual for a Lieutenant to be one of the first to respond to a request for back up. Even more unusual, the actions that violated procedure and left Stigliano dead. Lt Briggs has advanced training in SWAT.

Andrew was very close to saving up the money that would likely be needed for his bail, and turning himself in. If the killing were planned, it would have needed to be done at that time, since the following week Stigliano would no longer have outstanding warrants for his arrest (whether he was in jail or not). This could have been communicated to Briggs through phone tap, or from attorney Hennessy. Stigliano claimed some officers were involved in running an oxycontin ring. The officer who (according to Briggs’ leaked press info) shot Andrew, has a documented history of prescription drug abuse.

Anybody can now see, with confirmation, that Lt Briggs, and several members of the Ashland Police Department, along with members of the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office, need to be relieved of duty immediately, then investigated, arrested and charged by the FBI or State police. Chief Doherty, please take appropriate action.

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  • Amyet229 says:

    What another suprise. Briggs at it again. Looks like this coward isnt going to stop unless he is stopped. Come on people wake up…

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