Chris Alberini

Profile of Christopher Alberini – Career History at the Ashland Massachusetts Police Department.

Alberini, who has a documented history of drug abuse, shot Andrew Stigliano during an illegal and highly irregular raid. Andrew Stigliano claimed some police in Ashland and surrounding towns were running an illegal prescription drug ring. Evidence exists to support the fact, that Lt. Briggs probably fired the second two shots, killing Stigliano, and then ordered officers to facilitate a cover up, which they did attempt to do. This was the end of a long list of crimes and abuses committed by Alberini and others against Andrew.

Approximately two years ago, Alberini almost shot a man who was carrying, but not using to threaten, a bb gun. In addition to being dangerously unstable, Alberini seems to be unaware of the Second Amendment.

Alberini has been known to routinely set his dog to attack citizens for very minor crimes or infractions. Approximately three years ago, Alberini’s dog “dax” nearly severed a man’s jugular when he attacked. The man’s crime was driving on a suspended license. It’s unknown why Alberini stopped the man, but it may have been because he fit my description, and was driving a similar vehicle to the one I had owned at that time.

Alberini has gang tattoos, a large spider web on the elbow primarily, which in ‘gang-sign’, mean that he has killed or murdered somebody. He is reported by citizens, to commonly brag about killing people while in the marines.

Alberini somehow obtained a cheerleader outfit, property of the Ashland High School or a young female high school student. Here he is wearing it in the Ashland Police Station locker room. This is not just disturbing by the picture itself, but by the unknown circumstances by which he obtained the outfit.

Why Alberini was not fired long ago is an open question, but the main factor as always is the Police Union, as well as other socialist-oriented state agencies undermining the ability of local Police Chiefs to run a clean department. In Ashland, the Police Chief does not have the ability to terminate. This makes professional management of any organization impossible.

Christopher Alberini

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  • bezobraz says:

    “Almost shot” and “almost severed” … I’m being almost run over every morning in traffic!

    Cheer leading uniform looks good. Probably a Halloween gag … I’ve worn police uniform on Halloween on more then one ocasion …

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