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Another APD Cover up: (Updated 9-3-13)

Off Duty Ashland Cop punches innocent man in the head 10 times while he’s on the ground. Officer Michael Dionne, six off duty Ashland cops, and several members of the Dionne family stand by, watch it happen. APD: We can’t comment (selective information is routinely ‘leaked’ by/through Lt Briggs.)
Josh Eaton
August 27, 2013

Christopher Alberini, whom Lt Richard Briggs claims disobeyed orders, shot, and, Briggs claims, killed Andrew Stigliano, may also be the off duty officer who repeatedly punched a much smaller, innocent man in the head last Christmas at the Ashland VFW parking lot, on Christmas day night, (1:00 am, 12-26-13). Richard Odell, the victim of the potentially deadly beating, was visiting with Linda Dionne and others at the Dionne family residence. The group grew tired of waiting for Michael Dionne to return home, and went to meet him at the Ashland VFW. The group consisted of Odell, Linda Dionne, David Dionne, Brian Dionne, Megan Flanagan, Katlyn Flanagan and Brian Dionne’s girlfriend Kristin Fleming. When they arrived at the VFW, approximately six off-duty Ashland Police were sitting in the bar, drinking heavily, and arguing among themselves. At approximately 1:00 A.M., as the arguing intensified, the bartender yelled ‘get out’, and ordered everybody out of the bar. Odell and his group, as well as the off duty Ashland Police officers exited the bar. In the parking lot, the argument among the police continued, and several members of the Dionne family were somehow absorbed into the argument. One of the APD officers allegedly pushed Kristin Fleming to the ground. At that point Odell tried to help the young woman to her feet, when he was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. He looked up to see who was had hit him, but was immediately punched in the face several more times. He turned his head and attempted to protect his head with his hand, but the off-duty cop continued hitting him in the side and back of his head. Finally, Kristin Fleming grabbed the attacker, and through her pleading and physical efforts was able to convince him to stop.

Odell, after several minutes, got to his feet. Battered and confused, he called 911 (1:07 am, 12-26-12). During that time, David Dionne tried to help Odell. David spoke to Odell, and told him, ‘what “they” did to you was wrong’. A uniformed Ashland Police officer arrived on the scene, and seeing that off-duty police officers were involved, immediately informed responding ‘back-up’ officers by radio to “slow it down”. Two other uniformed officers arrived. No charges were filed, no police reports were written, no ambulance was called, and Odell (still reeling from his head injuries) was sent away.

Odell has been trying furiously to have his assailant charged, but has been stonewalled, strung-along, and finally, his case discarded by Lt Richard Briggs, during the town leadership transition. Odell informed then chief Rohmer what had happened. Rohmer was prevented from investigating these particular officers, because a phony ‘whistle blower’ complaint had been lodged against him. That complaint, written principally by Dionne and Fawkes, was latter revealed in the Doocey report to be without basis and fraudulent. Rohmer ordered Lt David Beaudoin to investigate. Two days later, Beaudoin was accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a bar, by an individual related to the Dionne family. The speculation is that this was done to ‘blackmail’ Boudoin into not conducting the investigation properly. Beaudoin had ordered the three responding officers and the six off-duty officers to all write police reports describing what happened. They never did this. When Beaudoin became compromised by, what would later be revealed as a false accusation of inappropriately touching a woman, the investigation fell onto the only officer left able to conduct an internal affairs investigation, Richard Briggs. Briggs then failed to investigate, and closed the investigation against the victim’s wishes. The investigation was closed on July first, only one day before Briggs and Alberini killed Andrew Stigliano. Stigliano had accused the same officers of major illegal activity, only three months prior, by video testimony. Briggs is a member of a motorcycle gang of cops called the ‘Renegade Pigs’. They are well known to be involved in drug trafficking, among other criminal activities. Alberini has a documented history of prescription drug abuse.

Odell, after being assured a proper investigation was being conducted, but not seeing any results, and without medical insurance, left to fend for himself, stepped up his efforts again. This was around the same time I interviewed Andrew Stigliano, around mid-March. The board of Selectmen, whether by coincidence or not, hurried to remove Rohmer as chief, and within two weeks, had terminated Rohmer and brought in town manager Schiavi and interim chief Doherty. Rohmer, his hands already tied by the fraudulent whistle blower complaint, and the inability to terminate officers, did not have the time or tools to take proper action as Chief, in either of these cases. By order of Town Managers Petrin and Purcell, he did not alert the media.

Ashland News just learned about this incident. Town Manager Schiavi, nor any town employee volunteered this information during the time Ashland News was trying to obtain town reports. Corrupt town efforts to bury this very serious incident, resulted in dangerous individuals being left unchecked. Briggs closed this investigation on July first. He then led the group who killed Andrew Stigliano during an illegal raid, under extremely suspicious and inconsistent circumstances, the very next day on July second. There will be much more to come on this subject in coming weeks.


  • Amyet229 says:

    It’s about time this story was made public. Now maybe the people that live in this town will realize that their own police department that is supposed to be there to protect them is really made up of a bunch of “Crooked” cops. When the victim of such a horrific incident is your own brother, it makes one quite upset and mad. To think he just went out with who he thought were his friends on Christmas Eve to have it end being kicked in the face in a parking lot trying to defend a women that had been pushed to the ground by off duty police officers. These are the kind of people that work at your local police department! Makes me sick

    • Admin says:

      I’m very sorry this town is like this right now. It wasn’t like this in the past. Most of these bad cops are not from here originally, unfortunately some are. I’ll keep doing everything humanly possible to put a stop to this. I’m outraged that town leaders refuse to look at the reality of the situation, and do their job. If they won’t do it, they should appoint someone who will. (I volunteered myself directly to the board of selectmen)

      Please urge your brother to go to see a doctor. He’s only been to the hospital once, and he never went back for follow up visits like he was supposed to, because he doesn’t have health insurance. There is a person there who will help him get financial aid. He’s probably qualified for mass-health, but it is very difficult to convince him to go. I think the head injury is the major factor in that. These town officials wonder why a person with a head injury isn’t making rational decisions. He has headaches all the time, and he can’t concentrate or remember things well at all. Please do whatever you can to get him to the doctor. Please call me if I can do anything for you to help. 508-405-9722

  • bd1868 says:

    im so happy that someone is trying to do something for andy. its so wrong what they did to him. he was a good guy.

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