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Former Chief Melnick’s Warning of a FALSE FLAG Terrorist
Attack of Foreign origin should be taken seriously
Josh Eaton
September 4, 2013

Ahmed_Ibrahim_communist_terroristBack in May of 2004, Former police Chief Roy Melnick warned his officers that the town could be targeted by Iraqi terrorists looking to exact revenge for an investigation he worked on while he was in Baghdad. In the memo obtained by the MetroWest Daily News, Melnick directs police officers to be watchful for “male Arabs who suddenly appear in Ashland.”

These Al-Quada-in-Iraq affiliates are the same “rebels” and “protesters” who caused the conflict in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria, as justification for Obama to use the U.S. Military to attack other nations. He committed the act of treason, giving military and other aid to the enemy, at the same time he violated Congress’s power to declare war, when he ordered the attack of Libya.

the craft logoBesides being on the lookout for male Arabs who suddenly appear in Ashland, Police and Citizens should also be watchful, and wary, of working with ‘Private Military Contractors’ Such as “The Craft”, who were observed in the area of the finish line of the Boston Marathon this past April, all carrying large black back packs. I’m not talking about the Big Cheese of the Patriots down in Foxboro, I’m referring to a bad Craft. As Ashland News reported back on April the 18th, private military contractor “The Craft” was observed and photographed loitering in the very same area of the finish line, just moments before one of two bombs exploded. As you can see in photos posted in that article’s comment section, two ‘Craft’ employees were standing directly in the area of the explosions just moments before the attack. At that time both were carrying large black back packs, capable of containing pressure cookers of the size as the one’s used to make the improvised explosive devises. Moments after the first explosion, the same two Craft employees were photographed across the street, but this time only one of them was carrying a backpack.

Boston DumbThe saying, “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”, holds especially true when it comes to the issue of False-Flag terrorism. By choosing to bury one’s head in the sand, instead of confronting this new-age military tactic of terrorism and Psychological warfare, Citizens invite, and render themselves more vulnerable to this public Safety threat. False-flag terrorism is a form of psychological warfare, intended to destroy our free Republic from the inside.

I must point out that I have no specific information. I was hesitant to write this article, but if something were to happen, and I did not write this, I would feel very bad for not doing so. “The Enemy” would try to dismiss these concerns, and say that I’m a paranoid nut. If there is an ‘event’ planned by terrorists, writing this simple article could prevent it. If nothing happens, and people want to think I’m crazy afterward, I can live with that.


  • Admin says:

    Here’s Dzokhar Tsarnaev walking away carrying his back pack. What proof has the government shown to implicate him in this crime?Dzokhar Tsarnaev leaving with back packDzokhar Tsarnaev leaving with back pack

    • Admin says:

      Dzokhar Tsarnaev showed up to court with a broken jaw, a bruised swollen eye and head, and an injured arm. All this after being in custody for three months. WTH! Do Americans beat and torture prisoners now! Like I said, the gov has not shown one shred of proof he even did it. Duval Patrick said a video showed him dropping a back pack that exploded. Then when he was questioned further, he said that he didn’t see the film, but an un-named law enforcement official had told him about the film. That amounts to no evidence but anonymous heresay.

  • Admin says:

    Three days after the attack, two FBI agents and one Secret service agent came to my house to pay me a visit. Back in 2010, based on research and a gut instinct, I voiced my concerns on my AM radio show, that the Marathon was a prime target for a false flag terror attack, due to the date (Patriots day) and the historic location. I also sent a letter to chief Rohmer at the time, voicing those concerns. Chief Rohmer rightly passed it on to the FBI, and stepped up security efforts. During the visit, I calmly explained my reasoning. The gentlemen from the FBI were professional and courteous. The Secret Service agent, on the other hand, used profanity several times, vaguely accused me of something insidious, and attempted to get me to sign away privacy rights. After I calmly verbally kicked the **** out of him, he let it be known that mental illness runs in his family, and a friend of his had died in world trade center 7, the building that mysteriously collapsed on it’s own, after not suffering a plane hit, or any damage. I stayed calm, but if the situation had been different, I would have yelled at them for even being there, and questioned there logic of not being able to find the suspect(s), with all that video footage available.

    • Admin says:

      Even after he had been let go, Scott Rohmer patrolled the streets of Ashland the day of the marathon (2013), before the start of the race, to look for suspicious activity. That is a great man. Ashland has had some really great police chiefs, Gonfrade, Melnick, and Rohmer. The lies of criminals (Renegade Pigs motorcycle gang) entrenched in the PD, and the marxist media will never be able to erase that truth. Thank You Scott for protecting the people of this town, you are a great man.

      • Admin says:

        Thank You Roy Melnick for representing our Nation well in Iraq. Your Courage and Integrity must have been an inspiration to the Iraqi people, and an injection of integrity into that Nation. Thank you also for having the courage to speak up, and advise your men of the reality of the situation. I now know the reason you were unjustly run out of town by a media with an agenda, and certain Democrat leaning citizens, who were made to feel uncomfortable, and wanted that feeling to go away. You didn’t deserve that treatment, and as a citizen of Ashland who was unaware, I apologize. (I didn’t speak against you at all, but I would have tried to defend you as a citizen had I known. I’m sure many other people would have too.)

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