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Destructive effects of Krantz and Metrowest Daily News one-sided reporting

Krantz’s one-sided reporting cost Stigliano his life, Rohmer his job. Turned this town up side down.
Josh Eaton
September 11, 2013

MWDN/Krantz failure to report important news, contributed to leaving dangerous Cops on the street, who would later kill Stigliano. This destructive one-sided reporting also cost Chief Rohmer his job, which further left Citizens at risk. Ashland News was not informed of Odell’s beating until after Stigliano had been killed.

Renegade Pigs, Stigliano, Odell
Last minute update: Hours ago, Krantz reported that Odell ‘claims to have been punched by off duty Ashland Cops’. Her typically deceptive writing style sounded as if he was only punched once, when in fact he was pounded repeatedly in the head, while on the ground, by big cops, at least one of which was wearing a brass-knuckle-size ring. Odell contacted Krantz to report this eight months ago. She didn’t report it. She has been ‘carrying the water’ for Briggs and crew. She did not however miss an opportunity to bad-mouth Rohmer again, concerning more baseless, trivial and deceptive information.

Richard Odell, the man who was beaten senselessly in the VFW parking lot last Christmas night by off duty police, while half a dozen other off-duty police looked on, had called Laura Krantz of the Metrowest Daily News and reported the incident to her, around the time it had happened. As with all other information which reflected negetively on “the wolf pack” (group of problem Ashland Cops), Krantz choose not to report it to the public. In stark contrast, Krantz chose to report all negative information about Chief Scott Rohmer, and other loyal officers. Not only did Krantz report all negetive information about Rohmer (which is trivial at best), she also chose to distort positive information about Rohmer by using deceptive headlines and misleading statements. While Odell was suffering in pain daily, Krantz was reporting on issues such as overtime pay at the Police Department, attempting to smear Rohmer.

Of course this beating incident is very serious in itself, but it was also an indicator of the dangerousness level of this group, the same group that killed Stigliano during an illegal and improper raid.

It is common knowledge that Lt Briggs has been “leaking” selective inside information to Krantz and the Metrowest Daily News. As I mentioned in a previous article, Odell informed Chief Rohmer about the beating. Rohmer was legally unable to investigate these officers himself, because of a fraudulent whistle blower complaint that had been lodged against him by these same officers. Rohmer assigned Lt Beaudoin to investigate. Two days later, another false accusation was made, this time by a relation of the Dionne family, that Beaudoin had inappropriately touched a woman at a bar. This accusation turned out to be false. With Beaudoin now compromised, Rohmer assigned the only other Lieutenant in the APD to investigate, Richard Briggs. Briggs then ‘strung along’ Odell with promises that a proper investigation was being done. This was a lie, as a proper investigation was never conducted. Briggs was merely stalling for time to protect ‘the wolf pack’. Before he was taken off the case, Lt Beaudoin ordered the three responding officers, and the six off-duty officers to write police reports describing the incident. All these officers disobeyed Beaudoin’s orders, and no reports were written.

Ashland News was never informed of the incident, neither by the victim, the witnesses, or any town employee. Finally two weeks after Stigliano was killed, a very timid Odell informed Ashland News what had happened. Had Ashland News or the Metrowest daily news reported this incident at an earlier time, it is extremely likely that Stigliano would be alive right now. It would not have been possible for Briggs and company, including interim Chief Doherty, to sweep this under the rug. Briggs closed the investigation, against the wishes of the victim, on July first. On July second, Briggs led the illegal raid that ended with the killing of Andrew Stigliano. Stigliano was unarmed and trying to surrender when he was shot, in his back yard. This is contrary to the official account. Most of the same problem officers (wolf pack) were involved on both incidents.

Laura Krantz choose to pursue an agenda, no matter what the costs. Besides sacrificing her integrity, she endangered lives by withholding information. One may speculate as to why she chose to act as Richard Briggs’ personal mouth-piece. Perhaps it was to ensure information would continue to be “leaked” to her by Briggs. Perhaps Briggs and Krantz share the same political agenda. Whatever the reason, this type of reporting served to inflame an already bad situation. Although town officials still have not given Rohmer an official reason for his termination, it’s safe to assume the decision was made simply to put a stop to the ‘bad press’.

Stigliano, after enduring over two years of harassment, beatings, theft, false charges, two illegal searches and three more coerced home entries by “the wolf pack”, ultimately paid with his life. Immediately after Stigliano was murdered, Laura Krantz was transferred from covering news in Ashland, to covering Hopkinton.

After speaking to Richard Lodge, editor in chief of the Metrowest daily news, he stated in no uncertain terms that the Metrowest daily News and Gatehouse media “absolutely” stand behind Krantz’s methods of reporting. If you think Krantz’s style of reporting is unethical, and has caused serious damage to the town and individuals, please consider boycotting the Metrowest daily news and other gatehouse media products.


  • Amyet229 says:

    You are all crooked. Briggs, you look like such a tough guy in that picture! Thinking you can kill people, beat people and scare people with your handcuffs……you do not deserve to have a badge or be able to say you serve anybody. People like you don’t deserve that honor…
    Amy Odell

  • Richdontquit says:

    Good job Amy–you go girl. Dad

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