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Beware of this Ashland Police Officer
Josh Eaton
January 28, 2014

alberiniAshland Police Officer Chris Alberini is back on duty. Alberini, who is on record as having killed Andrew Stigliano, is shown here wearing an Ashland High School cheerleader’s outfit. It is not known how Alberini obtained the outfit. The outfit is the property of the Ashland High school, or a young female High School student.

Many inconsistencies exist regarding the killing on July second. Not the least of which is the official statement that only two shots were fired. Ashland News questioned over a dozen witnesses who consistently reported hearing four shots, not two. This was also reported by the Metrowest daily news. Middlesex County District Attorney Marion Ryan refuses to release the official report of the investigation into the shooting.

Over half a dozen Citizens have reported to Ashland News, strange and threatening behavior by Alberini. These people all insisted, and made this writer promise, not reveal their names. This is out of fear for their safety. Several of them are women who report being stalked by Alberini. Others report odd confrontations with Alberini, that were not prompted by any violations of the law. Several of them stated very clearly that they were afraid for their lives during these confrontations. These individuals stated that they are afraid Alberini might kill them in the future. Alberini boasted in a Metrowest Daily News article, that he almost killed a man who was in possession of a bb-gun. At the start of the confrontation, Alberini asked the man for ID. Before retrieving his ID, the man, Dennis O’hare, states that he told Alberini he had the pellet pistol in the same bag containing his ID. This was to avoid confusion, and the possibility of getting shot by the officer. O’hare states at that point Alberini kicked him in the face, pistol whipped him, and pointed a gun point blank at his face. O’hare stated to Ashland News that at no time did he make any threatening moves that would justify Alberini’s attack. He also stated he was able to dump the pellet pistol from the bag, without touching it, moments before Alberini would shoot. These statements were confirmed by Alberini’s own statements in the MWDN article.

Alberini is on record as having been addicted to prescription drugs. Ashland News could not get an answer as whether Alberini was under the influence of narcotics the day of Stigliano’s killing. Then interim Chief Steven Doherty told Ashland News that there was no policy to drug test officers, either regularly, or after a police killing. Most any equipment operator is required to take a drug test when they are involved in an accident or mishap. The reason for the lack of testing is not entirely clear, but the main driving force behind it is the undermining influence of the police union and their contract demands. These demands are also responsible for the video cameras being uninstalled from Ashland Police cars.

Richard_BriggsTown Manager and Police Commissioner Tony Schiavi has been unwilling and unable to exercise even basic control over the department. The unofficial person in charge of the APD is known to be Lt Briggs. This is mainly due to the backing, and selective law enforcement tactics employed by the District Attorney’s and Attorney General’s offices, as well as other state agencies. Coakley_for_governorMartha Coakley (D), who is running for governor, has a long track record of malfeasance, including the shockingly systematic non-prosecution of rapists of children. This track record is shared by Middlesex county District Attorney Marion Ryan, and many assistant District Attorneys of Massachusetts.

If you are stopped while driving your vehicle by an Ashland Police Officer, and you’re not sure if you may be
in danger, you are advised to take the following precautions: Immediately call 911 on you cell phone. Cell phone
calls will automatically be routed to the state police. Slow your vehicle, but do not stop until a state
police officer answers the phone. Tell the state police your location, and that you have concerns for your
safety. Pull your vehicle to the side of the road, in a place viewable by as many witnesses as possible. Place
your cell phone on your dash board, and put both hands in view, with fingers extended, so the officer can see you are not holding anything. Don’t get out of your vehicle unless the officer orders you to do so. Keep your empty hands in the officers sight until you feel you are safe. If you are not driving a vehicle when confronted, the situation will vary, but the most important things to remember are: Keep your empty hands in plain view, and be visible to as many witnesses as possible. If you have been stalked, or fear you are in danger from this officer or others in the department, you may want to change cell phone numbers and move to a town with an integral Police Department. You may even want to move to a different state, as former Senator Scott Brown recently did. Also, Lt Briggs was caught illegally attaching a tracking device to Sgt Edward Pomponio’s personal vehicle. He then followed him into another state. One can only speculate the reason for this, but Pomponio immediately re-applied for his license to carry a firearm shortly thereafter. The District Attorney’s office later cleared Briggs (member of “The Renegade Pigs” motorcycle club), stating that it was a “training exercise”. Therefore if you feel you’re being targeted, you may also wish to check your vehicle for such a device.


  • Ididitagain says:

    Josh, Why dont you give it up? You must be a complete idiot! I never heard of you until now and really cant believe what Im reading. The officer was doing his job and very well at that, I would of done the same exact thing to that drug dealer. Times are changing and “The Police State” IS HERE!! …although you have not notice yet. Try an maintain your thoughts.

  • marshaman says:

    I am just glad someone is speaking the truth about the atrocities. I think the idiots are those that believe the pack of lies. You only have to look at the history in Ashland PD to know that there’s been lots of trouble there. I know I never want to even pass through that town.

  • bbb says:

    everything here is true.

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