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UPDATE: Spilka does not support Coakley for Governor – She is endorsing Steve Grossman

Does Sannicandro really support Coakley?

Coakley’s Shocking record of lax and non-prosecution of pedophiles leaves many Ashland Residents wondering why.
Josh Eaton
February 8, 2014

Tom Sannicandro has recently gone on record as endorsing, and even campaigning to have Attorney General Martha Coakley elected the next Governor of Massachusetts. However, given Coakley’s horrendous record of prosecution (or non-prosecution) of rapists of children, many Ashland residents are left wondering what exactly these prominent democrats really stand for. Here is one of many examples of Coakley’s malfeasance, titled – “Coakley and the Curling-Iron Rapist, Part II: Why Did it Take So Long to Press Charges?”), which by the way, she never did. It was only after Gerry Leone took over as Middlesex county DA, that this man was finally prosecuted. Coakley refused to prosecute, despite the herculean efforts of attorney Larry Frizoli (deceased). “Honestly, it makes me sick”, said one Ashland resident. “They (Spilka and Sannicandro) always give vague statements about what they stand for. They’re never specific”, said another. Both residents asked not to be identified.

Calls to Spilka and Sannicandro were not returned by the time this article was published (UPDATE: have spoken to Spilka since), however Sannicandro recently stated that he supports homosexual marriage. Besides that issue, his website ( states that one of his top priorities is the well-being of children. However his support of Coakley, due to her track record, is in direct contradiction to that statement. Spilka has a list of legislation she endorses, including the Electronic Privacy Act, which she wrote. “Privacy, and protecting Citizens’ Forth Amendment Rights is a very important issue to me”, said Spilka. Legislation Spilka supports can be seen on her website, Sannicandro can be reached at 508-872-4747.

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