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Alberini, Peirs at VFW when Odell Attacked

Ashland News
Josh Eaton
August 31, 2014

Chris Alberini is most likely the Ashland cop who repeatedly punched a much smaller man, Richard Odell, in the head approximately 10 times while he was on the ground defenseless during an unprovoked attack. This is according to an individual who reported to Ashland News, only on the strict promise that his or her identity be kept anonymous. Officer Kevin Piers was also present during the attack. Both officers, along with officer Michael Dionne and several others were drinking heavily at the bar before the incident, which took place in the parking lot, Christmas eve night of 2012.

Kevin Piers and Chris Alberini were both involved in the illegal raid in which Andrew Stigliano was killed. Stigliano was interviewed by Ashland News only three months prior. During the interview, he stated that he had been targeted and harassed by a small group of Ashland Police officers, including Alberini and former officer Greg Wildman. Stigliano also claimed some officers were heavily involved in drugs, both use and sale. Alberini has a documented history of oxycontin abuse. Alberini did shoot, and was said in the official DA’s report to have killed Stigliano. The DA’s report stated that two shots were fired. Over a dozen witnesses in the area the day of the shooting reported hearing four shots, two sets of two, with a three to four second pause in between. There are many other inaccuracies in the report as well.

Both Alberini and Piers are known to be part of a group of around half a dozen problem Ashland cops who call themselves ‘the wolf pack’. This group has the backing of the Middlesex county DA’s office. The DA’s office has routinely ignored crimes and wrong-doing reported by citizens against these problem officers, while at the same time has targeted several other individuals who have stood up to this group. The Middlesex DA’s office routinely fails to properly prosecute pedophiles, often recommending little and even no bail. Recommended jail sentences are most often less than those they recommend for misdemeanors such as second or third offense drunk driving.

Besides having a documented history of drug abuse, Alberini was photographed wearing a stolen Ashland High School Cheerleaders Skirt. Alberini also severely beat and in his own words, almost shot and killed a man who was vomiting in a gas station parking lot after drinking too much alcohol. The man stated that he was trying to tell Alberini that he had a bb gun in the same bag as his ID when he was attacked. On another occasion, Alberini’s police dog bit a man in the jaw/neck area during a traffic stop, barely missing the man’s jugular. The man was charged with driving without a licence and possession of drug paraphernalia. There was no reported reason for the traffic stop. There have been many other instances where Alberini has ordered his police dog to attack, during incidents that were not serious. Alberini has, on numerous occasions, followed, harassed and intimidated several women while riding in his police car. These women strongly asked to be kept anonymous for fear of retaliation. There were two other incidents reported to Ashland News by individuals who were confronted by Alberini, in which Alberini brandished his gun in a threatening manner. Again, these individuals pleaded not to be identified, for fear of retaliation. Both contacted Ashland News, and stated they were concerned Alberini posed a danger to the public, and felt they had nowhere else to report the incidents.

Richard Odell reported being attacked to former police chief Scott Rohmer, two days after the incident. Rohmer assigned Leiutenant David Beaudoin to conduct an internal investigation. Days later, a person related to officer Michael Dionne accused Beaudoin of acting inappropriately at a local bar, toward a woman. The woman in question however later said that Beaudoin didn’t do anything inappropriate, and that the two had been friends for years. Beaudoin nonetheless either asked to be taken off the investigation, or was taken off by Rohmer. Rohmer then assigned the only other qualified officer to conduct the internal investigation, Lieutenant Briggs. Briggs failed to investigate for several months. When he did finally conduct interviews with officers, he did not record the interviews. Briggs claimed in his report that he didn’t have access to the room where the recorders were kept, apparently for six months. In the written transcripts, many officers interviewed by Briggs gave the same answers, word for word. Briggs is a prominent member of a motorcycle gang of police officers called “the Renegade Pigs”. The Renegade pigs motorcycle club has chapters all over the country.

Town Manager/Police Commissioner Tony Schiavi directed independent investigator Bob Pomeroy not to investigate this incident, Andrew Stigliano’s killing, and other serious incidents when he was hired to investigate the department. Current police chief Craig Davis has chosen not to remove any personnel, or take any action regarding this and other incidents.

The Metrowest Daily News was aware of this incident around the time it occurred, but chose not to report it for approximately four to six months. The MWDN only reported it after Ashland News became aware and broke the story. In the single article written by former MWDN writer Laura Krantz, the wording was such that she failed to report the severity of the beating. Krantz however, for over a year, frequently reported embarrassing personal information and trivial issues regarding then police Chief Scott Rohmer, very frequently. She was writing these articles as Rohmer was trying to solve this and other equally serious problems within the police department. This contributed heavilly to Rohmer being run out of the department by town manager Schiavi. Schiavi had been town manager for two days when he made his decision to remove Rohmer.

Richard Odell still suffers migraine headaches, and still has trouble concentrating. More information on this and other outstanding issues regarding the Ashland Police and Middlesex county DA’s office will be posted as it becomes available. For more details regarding known information, see previous articles and posted documents on this web site.

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