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FBI Agents who Investigated Boston Marathon Bombing Killed Two Years Ago Today
Josh Eaton
May 17, 2015

Today marks the two year anniversary of the deaths of FBI Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw. The two men were involved in the arrest of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect. They were killed one month later in a freak training accident. Their deaths-while-on-duty was not prominently featured in television or newspaper media.

Obviously, the coincidences regarding both deaths only one month after the Boston Marathon Bombing,raise questions. What exactly caused them both to fall from a helicopter into the ocean? Official Reports regarding their deaths, are highly redacted, and do not show what investigators found to be the actual cause of the helicopter issues blamed for their uncontrolled decent. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trama,
presumably from impacting the ocean from 150′ up.

This reporter has first hand knowledge that some, most, or all in the Boston FBI were attempting to conduct a thorough and integral investigation of the Bombing. The fact that this incident occured only one month after the event, both being involved in the arrest, and both killed in the same accident, is also suspicious. It raises questions. Were police trying to kill the suspect that day, as they shot dozens or hundreds of rounds of ammunition into the fiberglass boat he was hiding in? Was someone trying to keep the suspect silent? Although the suspect survived, he was found to have been cut with a blade on an area of his throat, preventing him from being able to speak. The justice department has not allowed Tsarnaev any outside contact with media, very limited contact with family, and he is kept in isolation.

The main stream media’s failure/refusal to report this training incident (besides a few online articles), is a reflection of the fact that, although they try to present the opposite image, they do not really care about the lives of law enforcement officers. This fact is also evident from the lop-sided coverage, and intentional reporting of falsehoods, regarding police shooting of black suspects as of late. This malicious and deceptive reporting has had direct results of officers and other people being killed. These backlash killings are not as highly reported in the media. Of course the media takes no responsibility for their actions. Although what the media is doing is not illegal, it is a gross abuse of the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment. Much of the public has been partially vegetated from television, and see all of this as a show. The reality that real people and families are being destroyed just does not register with their brains. They therefore do not react the way normal people would react.

Private military contractor “The Craft” personel were seen in the area of the finish line the day of the the Bombing. Coincidentally, they were carrying large black back packs. Robert Mueller was head of the FBI at the time of the bombing. He was replaced by Obama five months later with James Comey. Massachusetts has a long and consistent history of criminal behavior among officials, which the FBI has a consistent history of investigating. Coincidentally, also at the time of Comey’s appointment to head the FBI, corruption in Massachusetts would seem to have come to an end. God Bless Christopher Lorek and his family, Stephen Shaw and his family, and all law enforcement officers who protect us by way of pursuing truth and justice, regardless of odds or risk.

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