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Current Selectmen and Candidates Give Green Light to Cops for Future Wrong doing
Josh Eaton
May 18, 2015

The Current Board of Selectmen and many Candidates for the Board, have all been quoted as of late, making statements that indirectly condone past wrong doing by certain police officers, unofficially known as ‘the wolf pack’. Statements made, such as “We are not going to rehash old department issues”, and “We are going to move forward, and not dwell on past issues”, are in reality saying, “We are not going to hold officers accountable for past crimes and wrong doing.” It’s not only PAST crimes and wrong doing these officer will not be held accountable for.

Police Chief Davis, Town Manager (Air Force General ret) Tony Schiavi, and the Board of Selectmen are currently not holding Officers and other town official(s) accountable, by way of investigation, for CURRENT accusations. (information which AN is withholding to protect the privacy of innocent family members). The MWDN, in contrast, has destroyed the reputations of men based solely on accusation, whether true or not, and thought nothing of dragging family members into the public eye. These things have most often been done without even doing their due-diligence of investigative reporting. This yellow-journalism style of reporting was most often done by Laura Krantz, reporting anything, fact or fiction, that would best promote an agenda.

Ashland Residents can be certain that the officers responsible for the most serious acts of wrong doing, namely Lt. Richard Briggs and Sgt. Chris Alberini, will commit serious crimes and acts of wrong doing again. This is because the precedent has been set, and these Cops now know they can get away with anything. Back around May or June of 2013, shortly after Schiavi re-hired an officer whom Chief Rohmer had fired, (the officer had been terminated for leveling false accusations against the former Chief, and for other unprofessional conduct) this reporter told Town Manager Schiavi directly, That “these guys (wolf pack) are going to kill somebody”, because they’re going to think they’re bullet-proof, after the rehiring. About a month later, These same problem officers named above killed Andrew Stigliano during an illegal and severely over-aggressive home raid. Stigliano had been previously targeted by ‘wolf pack’ officers with false charges, which had led to a loss of driver’s license, being tied up in court, and being drained of financial resources.

I am now telling TM Gen Schiavi again, this time publicly. I’m also telling the Board of Selectmen, Police Chief Davis, and any officers and citizens concerned for the safety of their neighbors. These guys, most likely Chris Alberini or Richard Briggs, are going to repeat their patterns of violence and false charges against citizens. Officers will also continue to engage in immoral activities, on and off duty. Officers will continue doing “whatever we (they) want”, because the Town Manager, Police Chief, and Board of Selectmen have all condoned their actions, by not holding them accountable.

On Tuesday’s vote, Ashland News Recommends Voters Write in one of the few men who has had the courage to hold wolf-pack officers accountable. If you believe this problem in the Police Department needs to be dealt with, Write in Scott Rohmer for the Board of Selectmen for 3 years.

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