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Trish Vanaria is asking for Your Vote for Republican State Committee this Super Tuesday

Trish Vanaria
Posted Feb 22, 2016

Trish VanariaThe single reason I’m running against my opponent is because I believe it’s the job of a state committeewoman to support all candidates from the top of the ticket to the bottom. Experience says she does not believe in helping folks at the bottom of the ticket. I believe this is the most important aspect of the job, and I am promising to support those efforts and, in fact, have been supporting candidates by sign holding, door knocking, lit dropping etc. for a while now. This is the very definition of grass roots support which I do NOT see my opponent participating in at all.

The State Committee members need to be seeking out opponents to challenge the democrats. She has not done that. I ran for State representative in 2014, and saw so many ways that down ballot candidates and our committees could have been better served by the state committee. My opponent has aligned herself with the top and ignored those who were at the bottom. When I ran for State Rep two years ago, I really could have used her assistance! There are many matters she could have helped me and other candidates with, and yet I hear again and again she never even gave out her phone number or email address. The same is true for her efforts (or lack thereof) to build Republican Town Committees. It’s also true in her votes on the state committee. For example, Janet supported an establishment-backed move, from a system where Republican caucus goers ELECT our delegates to the National convention (my preference), to a system where those delegates are APPOINTED by the powers that be. I will always be for empowering those volunteers who make up our Party, rather than the Party establishment.

Trish Vanaria Boyscout TroopI am a conservative: I am pro-life. I believe taxes should be LOWERED, not raised. It’s not enough for us to hold the line, we need to restore our Republic and create economic opportunity for all.

As far as my commitment to the Second Amendment goes, the proof here is also in my involvement: I belong to two gun clubs. I have both gun and bow hunting licenses and have taken many additional classes each year to increase my skill and knowledge level. The NRA supported me in my run against Carolyn Dykema.

I’m adamantly opposed to illegal immigration to this state. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s costing us a fortune. I believe that as long as there are people here legally who need our support, we should not be giving it to others who do not belong in our state. I learned from door-knocking on almost 9,000 doors, that there are many out there who are in need of our help…in particular our vets and our elderly. We need to put them first, not focus on the needs of those coming from other countries.

Trish Boyscout TroopI believe we must speak the truth. My opponent is a “politically correct” candidate.
I’ve never hidden from any of my views, nor will I ever.
People should know exactly for whom they are voting.

Trish Vanaria for Republican State Committee


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