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Update: Partial one-sided “Pomeroy Report” Released 4 months late with no explaination for the delay. Schiavi directs Pomeroy to only investigate trivial issues which in effect only embarrass Chief Rohmer. Serious issues involving current officers, such as fraud, perjury, records tampering, beatings, illegal raid/killing, police drug abuse, stalking, harrassment, intimidation, exc, exc, exc, purposefully not included and/or investigated. No new information contained in “reports”. Town money wasted on Jerry-Springer “issues”. Schiavi uses his position as a weapon. Tedious to read. Schiavi orders over 130 false accusations against Rohmer in whistle-blower complaint to be ignored in the midst of 3 trivial accusations against Rohmer to be investigated.

The Integrity Issue: False Accusations, perjury, cover ups. Where’s the Pomeroy Report?

Town Manager, General Tony Schiavi has not followed through on his promise to release the findings of an Investigation into the False accusations lodged against former Chief Scott Rohmer. One can only assume Schiavi’s intention was to justify a position, and not conduct an impartial investigation. Since the Pomeroy reports have not been released, it is logical to assume the investigations contain evidence beneficial to Scott Rohmer, and incriminating to Briggs, Fawkes, Dionne, and other wolf-packers. As with all other information proving criminality within the department, it is being contained. Attorney Doocey’s report proves officers committed perjury, and filed a false whistle-blower complaint against Chief Rohmer, to halt his investigations into their own inappropriate and illegal actions. Requests for the Pomeroy reports and other public information have been denied or ignored by the town manager’s office.

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