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Wanted: Honest Cops who witnessed Assault at Police Ceremony. Please call or email.

Lies: Ashland News never approached or questioned any women at the police reception. Dionne’s wife approached me, swearing, and shoved me. She was certainly not holding a baby. This is a prime example of lies committed on a regular basis by Briggs and others at the APD, directly in front of Davis, Schiavi and the whole department. The APD lied in their police report, and they were passed on by the MWDN. Anthony Schiavi – Town Manager, give me back the camcorder your men stole, and everybody can see the truth.

Also, I was never ordered not to attend town hall meetings. I was ‘disruptive’, after my camera girl’s boyfriend was killed by the police during an illegal raid, and town manager Schiavi was not taking it seriously.

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