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Massachusetts State Police caught Disrespecting FBI with Profanity

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Ashland News
Josh Eaton
May 17, 2015

Recorded Phone Call with Mass State Police Regarding the Ashland Police Killing of Andrew Stigliano.

Trooper Doesn’t Hang up Phone Properly. Recorded Profanity in Disrespecting the FBI, and more.(Thumbnail is from a “tactical” tshirt manufacturer. It says “Mess with us on Monday, Dead by Friday”. It was cut off in the youtube upload.)

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Ed Pomponio files suit against
Town and 15 Individuals

Documents show culture of wrongful behavior,
harassment and intimidation at Police Union Core.

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To the reader: Ashland News has been severely impeded from investigating and reporting the local news. Last October, Josh Eaton, founder and reporter for the modern Ashland News, was assaulted by Lt Briggs and the Ashland Police, then falsely charged with assault. The video camera evidence, by which Eaton was using in an attempt to question Lt Briggs, was unlawfully taken by the Ashland Police, then impounded by Middlesex county District Attorney’s office. This has prevented you, the readers, from seeing exactly what transpired via video/audio recording. This is an unprecedented violation of our First Amendment Rights.

We will continue, to the best of our ability, to report the local news, including crimes and wrong-doing committed by police officers and Middlesex DA’s personnel. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Prayers for Stigliano and Family

Our thoughts and prayers are for Andrew Stigliano, and all those who love him. He was killed by Ashland Police one year ago today (July 2). May truth and justice prevail for Andrew.

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Under Obama, no rule of law. Government Agencies Abuse Power to Target Conservatives

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Update: Partial one-sided “Pomeroy Report” Released 4 months late with no explaination for the delay. Schiavi directs Pomeroy to only investigate trivial issues which in effect only embarrass Chief Rohmer. Serious issues involving current officers, such as fraud, perjury, records tampering, beatings, illegal raid/killing, police drug abuse, stalking, harrassment, intimidation, exc, exc, exc, purposefully not included and/or investigated. No new information contained in “reports”. Town money wasted on Jerry-Springer “issues”. Schiavi uses his position as a weapon. Tedious to read. Schiavi orders over 130 false accusations against Rohmer in whistle-blower complaint to be ignored in the midst of 3 trivial accusations against Rohmer to be investigated.

The Integrity Issue: False Accusations, perjury, cover ups. Where’s the Pomeroy Report?

Town Manager, General Tony Schiavi has not followed through on his promise to release the findings of an Investigation into the False accusations lodged against former Chief Scott Rohmer. One can only assume Schiavi’s intention was to justify a position, and not conduct an impartial investigation. Since the Pomeroy reports have not been released, it is logical to assume the investigations contain evidence beneficial to Scott Rohmer, and incriminating to Briggs, Fawkes, Dionne, and other wolf-packers. As with all other information proving criminality within the department, it is being contained. Attorney Doocey’s report proves officers committed perjury, and filed a false whistle-blower complaint against Chief Rohmer, to halt his investigations into their own inappropriate and illegal actions. Requests for the Pomeroy reports and other public information have been denied or ignored by the town manager’s office.

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Wanted: Honest Cops who witnessed Assault at Police Ceremony. Please call or email.

Lies: Ashland News never approached or questioned any women at the police reception. Dionne’s wife approached me, swearing, and shoved me. She was certainly not holding a baby. This is a prime example of lies committed on a regular basis by Briggs and others at the APD, directly in front of Davis, Schiavi and the whole department. The APD lied in their police report, and they were passed on by the MWDN. Anthony Schiavi – Town Manager, give me back the camcorder your men stole, and everybody can see the truth.

Also, I was never ordered not to attend town hall meetings. I was ‘disruptive’, after my camera girl’s boyfriend was killed by the police during an illegal raid, and town manager Schiavi was not taking it seriously.

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Assumption of Command Ceremony honoring Chief Craig Davis
to be held at the Ashland High School Auditorium on Sunday October 20, at 2:00 PM – Public encouraged to attend
(press release)

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Ashland Police Chief Davis Sworn in
Davis sworn in by Town Manager Tony Schiavi on October 7, 2013

Press Release
Ashland Town Manager’s Office
October 7, 2013

Schiavi and DavisEarlier this Morning, Ashland’s Town Manager Anthony Schiavi oversaw the swearing in by Ashland’s Town Clerk Tara Ward, of former Framingham Deputy Chief of Police Craig W. Davis, as Ashland’s new Police Chief.

The swearing in of Chief Davis culminates a six month effort that started with the selection of Badgequest as the Town’s search consultant. The search resulted in forty one applicants. The process consisted of the completion of assessment center examination and interviews. Chief Davis was nominated and selected to be the new chief.

Town Manager Schiavi met the new Chief at the Ashland Police Station at 7:00 AM this morning. Schiavi welcomed Davis to the department, along with other personnel. “Chief Davis arrived looking sharp and ready to hit the ground running” Schiavi said. Schiavi said he and the Chief will meet later this afternoon to start developing both near and midterm objective. Those objectives include a budget review, personnel hiring, and other issues.

Mr. Schiavi said that a public ceremony is in the planning stages within the next several weeks, and the public will be kept informed, and are encouraged to attend.

Official Press Release – PDF