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Over Three Months, still no action by DA on illegal raid/Killing.

Andy and ParentsInformation blackout imposed, and refusal to act is not consistent with free society and rule of law. DA refuses to speak, refuses to be held accountable to the public. No time frame on investigation, and no evidence any investigation is being conducted. DA-imposed blackout seen as cover up.


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Are some Hollywood and Political elites engaged in a global child trafficing pedophile ring? Look at the facts and judge for yourself.

List of Podesta emails
This one is the smoking gun. About halfway down the page:
Millenium Report Article
True Pundit article
Backup of Alefantis’ instagram “art”

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2016 Republican State Committeeman and Committeewoman – Election Results:

Janet Leombruno vs Trish Vanaria
Republican State Committeewoman
Numbers by Town

0 Janet Leombruno Trish Vanaria
Ashland 719 756
Holliston 511 1156
Hopkinton 661 1405
Framingham 3290 925
Natick 977 629
Franklin 476 802
Medway 598 958
TOTAL 7232 W 6631

Ed McGrath vs Marty Lamb
Republican State Committeeman
Numbers by Town

0 Ed McGrath Marty Lamb
Ashland 661 864
Holliston 396 1394
Hopkinton 649 1204
Framingham 2999 1055
Natick 762 882
Franklin 491 820
Medway 543 1085
TOTAL 6501 7304 W

Ashland Police Shooting of Andrew Stigliano
Video Update – Video of Crime Scene

Many inconsistencies/falsehoods in Official Statements. Very little information released before DA imposed info-blackout. Public Info normally available to the public being unlawfully withheld. Officers’ First Amendment Right to speak the truth being muzzled by Middlesex County DA.

Ashland Police Shooting Update

Video of Crime Scene

Main Message Board

Ashland Police Shooting – Ashland News will not bargain with Andrew’s Justice. Ashland News will not let the District Attorney and Main stream media downgrade this incident into a ‘bad shooting’. This was a killing. Two shots, a long pause, two more shots. They then contained Andrew’s body, moved it, and broke into the home to retrieve a gun they had information to be in the attic. The Middlesex County District Attorney’s office then ignored facts, and attempted to help ‘cover’ for the cops.

FACT: Andrew Stigliano claimed some officers in Ashland and surrounding towns are running an oxycontin ring.

FACT: Cop Christopher Alberini, whom it is being said killed Andrew, has a documented history of prescription drug abuse.

MBA: State Medical Examiner’s
Office is unreliable

The State Medical Examiner’s office has been repeatedly criticized for a variety of issues that have called into question the competence of the office. Despite the repeated errors of the office, death certificates signed by the medical examiner certifying an opinion as to cause of death are routinely admitted in evidence by statute in both civil and criminal cases with the presumptive weight of reliability and impartiality of the office of the Chief Medical Examiner… full article – Mass Bar Association

Ashland Police Shooting – Alberini not necessarily the only


Those reports came from 2 anonymous sources (most likely Lt. Briggs and Attorney Hennessy), and are imposible to verify, due to the information blackout imposed by the Middlesex county DA. Briggs could have also fired. Release all the information now APD, and let the officers speak freely about what happened that day. The anonymous individual at the District Attorney’s office, who said the medical reports showed only two bullet wounds, is lying. Eyewitnesses who veiwed the body report that he was hit at least 3 times, in the shoulder, neck, and head. His chest was covered. They waited one day after he was buried to make that statement. They are trying to mitigate the shooting for the benefit of the officer(s). Why would we lie? So we can end up in jail or posibly dead? The DA can settle everything right now by releasing all information. It will not jeopardize any legitimate investigation. Ashland Police officers: What is your soul worth? Is it worth keeping your job? Make a public statement as to exactly what happened that day. Call or get in touch with me, and I will video tape interview you. Either tell the truth or go to hell.


No Real Consequences for Cops
who Break the Law

Police Raid on Andrew Stigliano’s home that left him dead, was the

second illegal raid/home invasion against him in about 2 years.

Andrew Stigliano was bullied relentlessly by the same gang of trouble Ashland Cops, until finally, with no regard for the law, (they claim) they raided his home illegally, shot four times, and killed him. Whether he was armed or not, he did not fire a shot, proving he never intended to harm officers. He only wanted to be left alone. The facts still disprove the DA’s official version of the events, but one thing is very clear: Ashland is not a safe place to live


7-6-13 – response to Chief Doherty quote in MWDN: Chief Doherty, First you and the DA said Andrew confronted police as they entered the home. Now you are saying they killed him in the attic. There are no signs of blood anywhere in the house. Everybody can see who is telling the Truth, and who is lying Chief. One other thing you forgot: The ‘loud crash’ (the door being illegally smashed in) occured after the shots, not before. Those shots were loud enough to be heard loudly all over that plaza. They wern’t muffled by the house.

Chief, you have not returned my recent calls, but you have spoken with the MWDN. Why do you not speak to me, and explain the reasoning behind your theory. I’m happy to meet you at the house any time, and you can walk everybody through what happened via video. You will not, because my facts are correct Sir.

Remember Andrew on Independence day

Andrew valued our God-given Constitutional Rights. It’s Ironic that this happened two days before the day we celebrate that spirit. Please remember Andrew and his story on Independence day.

Note: Amanda is being charged with disorderly conduct. She was grabbed with two hands by Lt Briggs, around the throat and lower jaw area, and man-handled while he put her in a police car. This can be verified by the officers who witnessed it, Sgt Fawkes and Officer Jewett. She had gotten out of her car, and told them to leave her property. She must attend court in Framingham tomorrow at 9:00 AM for the charge. Anyone who wishes to support her is asked to attend. Thank You.


Amanda Clintons statement

Stigliano Search May have been Illegal

In the press release statement, the DA states, “Stigliano fled into the residence..” However, In the audio recordings of the Police comunications, the officer clearly states, “…and Andrew was gone. He PROBABLY went in the house.” The officer did not see Andrew Stigliano go into the house, he said it was probable. Andrew could have run around the far side of the house and into the woods (according to witness, this is what he did). Since the police have not indicated that a specific court-issued search warrant was in place for this search in the house, it’s safe to assume there was none. This means everything depends on whether or not an officer actually witnessed Andrew go into the house. The officer clearly indicated that he did not. According to a witness that spoke on the condition of anonymity, Stigliano was hiding in a natural rock depression in the woods right next to his back yard. (This is a correction from an earlier statement I made. This is a seperate issue) The DA states in her press release that “When officers again attempted to arrest him inside the house…” She is saying that the officers were either in the house, or about to enter the house. They clearly did not have a right to do that, within the letter of the law. There was no ‘imminent danger’. Over the course of the past few years however, Andrew Stigliano has been beaten, robbed, maliciously charged and prosecuted, and now his life has been ended. Nobody knows what really happened, but these things are true: Andrew was on his property. Andrew did not fire a weapon. Andrew didn’t kill anybody. Ashland Police were on his property for no serious reason, they fired 4 shots, and Andrew Stigliano is dead. A wife lost her husband, a 4 year old lost his father (4 year old Andrew Jr. is reported to be extremely upset), a couple lost their only son, and the Middlesex County DA’s office stepped in and put a gag on everything, to cover things up for their Union Cop partners in corruption. This is just one example of the DA and associates ‘stretching the rules’. The fact is, they do whatever they want, whether it’s legal or not.


UPDATE: Known Facts, Circumstances, and Key Questions

DRUG TEST THE OFFICER WHO KILLED STIGLIANO Just as any truck driver must do.

HopNews Stigliano Scene – video

Press Release from Middlesex County District Attorney’s office

DA is partially investigating themselves. Town of Ashland, Formally ask FBI to investigate

Andrew Stigliano killed by police

Andrew is the man I interviewed in these videos several months ago –
‘Ashland Couple Targeted by Rogue, Union-Loyal Cops’


Stigliano stated that it was apparent, a loose network of Police in Ashland and surrounding towns from here to the Boston area were operating an oxycontin ring. I have since found out that some of those officers may also be members of a motorcycle gang of off duty police called the ‘Renegade Pigs’. I have emailed the official leader of “The Renegade Pigs”, and asked him what the official club policy was for members who were caught participating in criminal activity. I sent the email a few days ago, he has not yet responded.

Stigliano had previously stated that he was afraid to go to court, specifically before Judge Greco, because his due process rights were being violated by the same small group of bad Ashland cops, the District Attorney’s office, and the Framingham Court. His claims are supported by fact, being that ‘the victim’ has repeatedly stated that Andrew did not commit a crime against her. His lawyer at the time was complicit in the violation of his rights, by an general unwillingness to fight the charges in a jury trial, or challenge the judge and prosecutor.

Board of Selectmen: Say no to Drugs?

Entire Board of Selectmen refuse to take public stance on whether or not the Police

Chief should have the authority to administer drug tests to officers. The current Union Contract prevents officers

from being drug tested. Moments later, the BoS praise children for their anti-drug efforts, and offer their


Board of Selectmen Refuse to Endorse Drug Testing of Police Officers

Safety Issue: 6-5-13 BoS Meeting Board Refuses suggest any action contrary to Union Demands

BoS refuse to endorse drug testing of police

Kids Make Anti-Drug Presentation to Board of Selectmen BoS have no principles. Hot air

6-5-13 BoS meeting – Board of Selectmen Praise efforts of Ashland Substance Abuse Prevention Kids

Drug prevention Kids praised by same board

List of Reports and Lawsuits filed by and against the PD/Town

Decide for yourself who has serious grievances, and who is trying to manipulate the

2013 Ashland Selectman Election Results


Joe Magnani and Mark Juitt win the 2 seats
on the Board of Selectmen.

Joe Magnani (1609)
Mark Juitt (1292)
Scott Rohmer


Adam Shuster – W (1511) John Kirwan (345 write-ins).

Official Results

Ashland News Election Message (RoboCall)


Discussion Board

Ashland News slandered again – Gatehouse Media blocks Ashland News comments, simultaneously as anonymous bloggers attack with lies. Action seen as retaliation for coverage of town/union issues. Any Questions, Please ask me. or 508-405-9123 – Thanks. – Update: gatehouse removes comments