APD Raids home of Michael Conti, takes him into custody at gun-point, hours after he posts a picture of Sergeant Chris Alberini wearing a High School Cheerleader Skirt.

Long time Ashland resident Michael Conti had his home raided, and was taken into police custody at gun-point late Thursday night. Conti had not committed any crime, but rather had a "section 12" order placed against him. This occured four hours after Conti had posted a picture of Ashland police Sergeant Chris Alberini wearing an Ashland High School Cheerleader skirt, on facebook. A "section 12" refers to Section 12 of Chapter 123 of the Massachusetts General Laws. It is an involuntary admission to a general or psychiatric hospital for psychiatric evaluation and potentially treatment, against the individual's will.


The criteria listed on the application form reads as follows:

"The standard is whether the individual would create a likelihood of serious harm by reason of mental illness.

'Likelihood of serious harm' means one of three things:

1) The person poses a substantial risk of physical harm to him/herself as manifested by evidence, threats of, or attempts at suicide or serious bodily injury; or

2) The person poses a substantial risk of physical harm to others as evidenced by homicidal or violent behavior or evidence that others are in reasonable fear of violent behavior and serious physical harm from that person; or

3) The personís judgment is so affected that there is a very substantial risk that the person cannot protect himself or herself from physical impairment or injury, and no reasonable provision to protect against this risk is available in the community."


To the best of this writer's knowledge, Conti has never shown any signs listed in reasons one or two. Conti has no violent criminal record. His record apparently consists of a trespassing charge, an accusation concerning a base guitar (Conti is a musician), and a charge of driving without insurance. Reason three however is subjective. It is not clear at this time who applied for the section 12 involuntary hospitalization, or the reason(s) given. Persons who qualify to apply for a "section 12" are limited to the following professions: a physician, a nurse practitioner, a qualified psychiatric nurse, a qualified psychologist, a licensed independent clinical social worker, or a police officer. This writer will update the readers when more information becomes available.

Conti has claimed in recent facebook posts that police in Ashland and Framingham will be subject to future federal indictments for various crimes. Some of these alleged crimes include human trafficing and treason. Since Massachusetts is a sanctuary state for people living in this country illegally, according to existing laws on the books, some of Conti's statements may have a realistic basis. Other accusations made by Conti include police complicity in organized crime such as illegal drugs and prostitution. This reporter has received tips from multiple, highly professional, sources which do corroborate some of those accusation. This reporter has not written of those things, because witnesses are afraid to go on record for fear of retaliation.

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